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car sling restaurant

In trip to Iran’s cities, old buildings and their particular structures are what stamped on our memory and modern day high-rise in are less seen in the country, but there are numerous modern high-rise in some cities of the world where are tourist destinations and they are known for high-rise.

The very skyscrapers and towers that transformed architecture and amazed us.

Building a car-sling restaurant is one of the best ideas for investing in Iran, which is very profitable and also feasible.

The experience of having dinner in such a magnificent structure, which is goes up by the rails installed on the tower, can be fascinating for anyone.

The entrance of the guests to this restaurant is done by moving the forklift of a cabin on the rails installed in the outer body of the restaurant tower, from the ground floor to the height, and food is served there.

In this modern structure, people can enjoy the view of the outside environment by slowly moving the cabin, and also when they are on the platform of the tower, they are able to watch a panoramic view of that city. (360 degree view)

For an example, we can mention the space needle tower in the center of Seattle with height of 184 meters, which is the most important symbol in the city, which has been implemented by a system like car-sling restaurant system.

car sling restaurant
car sling restaurant
car sling restaurant
car sling restaurant

Car-sling restaurant (installed on restaurant tower framework)

Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company is the producer of the most special and modern restaurant structures in the world.

It should be noted that car-sling have not been made with this special mechanical system, and this is one of the special ideas of Pasargad Company.

Dear investors can ask the design and execution of the first car-sling restaurant from our best engineers and become the owner of one of the most especial and modern structures of restaurant towers in the world.

Relying on modern engineering knowledge and world standards, Pasargad Company is a leading company in the field of design, structural calculations, construction and execution of car-sling restaurant in the restaurant tower.

In the section below, you can see a video of a space needle tower in which a system similar to Car-sling Restaurant is used.

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