Friday, 30 October , 2020


construction, color and carrying the structure

Location of metal frame factory (derrick and structures) of the aerial restaurant project in Ferdows Garden of Isfahan. Pasargad’s professional forces in welding, cutting and assembly at the factory مراحل ساخت سازه رستوران هوایی پروژه باغ فردوس اصفهان در محل کارخانه Steps to build the derrick for the aerial restaurant inside the factory in project […]

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project introduction and its construction location

Pasargad Company launched first aerial restaurant with the capacity of 28 people, by a crane on trial basis in Iran [Shandiz village of Mashhad]. The restaurant opened at a grand ceremony with the presence of high–ranking officials. The beautiful village of Shandiz (location of project implementation of the aerial restaurant of Mashhad) Designing, computing and […]

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