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on sea structures

For most of us, the holiday season is full of happy moments full of unexpected events. Events such as amazing adventures, thrills and maybe some kind of experience. Whether it is a short or long break, it is important to enjoy a wonderful and relaxing experience. Now imagine how you would feel if you were […]

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floating buildings

Nature always gives us the best ideas because its creator is God Almighty and god has created everything in the best way. Also architects are inspired by the best ideas from nature and create the most beautiful structures. Regarding the construction of floating buildings, if we pay more attention to nature, we will see creatures […]

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floating structure

Floating structures are structures that, like ships and boats, are submerged on the surface of the water and are attached to structures created on the shore by means of strong tow ropes. Floating structures are one of the most attractive and luxurious marine structures that can be used for hotels, residential, restaurants and even cinemas. […]

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entertainment tourism sea structure

Among all the nations of the world, water has always been the source of life and the main factor in the construction of many cities and structures. As throughout the history of Iran, the earth has witnessed the construction of valuable and glorious buildings such as thirty-three bridges of Isfahan, Shushtar windmills and Sassanid pavilions […]

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making in factory

Construction of metal structures of the project of Yazd Cariesland inside the factory.

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personal and project partners

The factory staff (construction location of metal structures of the aerial restaurant of Ferdows Garden, Isfahan.) Concreting operations personnel (the project construction of the aerial restaurant of Ferdows Garden, Isfahan) Installer personal and work height Professional team of Photography and video recording ( the project implementation location of Ferdows Garden of Isfahan.)

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construction, color and carrying the structure

Location of metal frame factory (derrick and structures) of the aerial restaurant project in Ferdows Garden of Isfahan. Pasargad’s professional forces in welding, cutting and assembly at the factory مراحل ساخت سازه رستوران هوایی پروژه باغ فردوس اصفهان در محل کارخانه Steps to build the derrick for the aerial restaurant inside the factory in project […]

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advertising before opening

Haft Sin of Pasargad Company on Nowruz in March 21, 2017. Advertisement banners of the aerial restaurant project of Shandiz, Mashhad. Special license plate of Pasargad Company that install on the project structures. Advertisement banners, installed in the city and Shandiz village to open the aerial restaurant project of Shandiz, Mashhad.

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