Saturday, 15 May , 2021


sliding aerial restaurant

So far we have talked a lot about the indescribable feeling of moving vertically towards the sky and suspended among the clouds in all kinds of air restaurants. we have all experienced with daily going up and down with elevators, stairs and… . (a feeling that on a much more common level and without excitement) […]

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suspended by derrick

As mentioned in the previous articles, the operation of an aerial restaurant (suspended) by a crane is not allowed in Iran. The most important reason is the control of the crane by manpower and the possibility of error in it. After years of research in this field, Pasargad Company designed a mechanical system similar to […]

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aerial restaurant

Aerial restaurant is one of the quite special projects in the field of tourism that Pasargad Company can implement it professionally and from zero to one hundred and according standards. Aerial restaurant is one of the most luxurious and unique restaurants in the world that the capable engineers of Pasargad Company are able to perform […]

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