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The restaurant tower is a unique idea and product from Pasargad Company

The restaurant tower is a unique idea and product from Pasargad Company

The complex, which has several restaurants as well as a leisure, exciting and touristy location is a new style of design.

The design philosophy of this tower with special and unique features and applications is as follows:

Making one tower that has full facilities (such as places for fun and luxury entertainment and a variety of restaurants, coffee shops and the like).

Due to the numerous repetitive restaurants in the country, people want to experience a memorable and special place so that they can experience a pleasant excitement.

Number two: In this tower, guests can see a 360-degree view of the scenery as well as the city.

Number three: the most important reason and economic justification for a restaurant tower is the issue of not buying land with a large area and paying a huge fee, this means that 5,000 square meters of usable space in the restaurant tower can be built on land with an area of at least 1000 square meters (regardless of parking space).
To reduce investment costs and speed up the licensing progress, investors can partner with government agencies (participation in the form of BOT and BOLD) who are own land in the best areas of the city and only accept construction costs.

Number four: The restaurant tower with its high height and special shape will become a symbol for the city and the investor will own a famous brand.

Restaurant tower are made of a central shaft and floors. The height of the central shaft varies between 20 and 60 meters (Elevator location and stairs).
And the tower floors are used for various purposes such as hall, roof garden, coffee shop, helipad and the like.

See the link «restaurant tower» for more information.

Link: «restaurant tower»

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