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toy shaped building

The word toy always reminds you of colorful objects that can be easily assembled and made into interesting shapes.

Inspired by this idea, Pasargad Company tries to use this method in the construction industry as well, so that rooms can be assembled from prefabricated and light materials in the fastest possible time.

These small buildings, called toy buildings, can have different uses and can be assembled and disassembled.

These houses are made of blocks very similar to the bricks of childhood and are designed to be portable.

Lego house is a true manifestation of the infinite possibilities of bricks.

Through systematic creativity, children of all ages have the tools to create their own world and live in it through play.

At its best, lego is what architecture is all about, enabling people to imagine new worlds that are more exciting and expressive than the current situation, and enabling them to bring skills into reality.


Lego or toy building materials in very beautiful colors and shapes

The facilities of this building are passed through the bricks and all the facilities inside this building are ready. Also, by injecting fireproof coatings on the materials of this building, it can be saved from fire.


Light, beautiful and safe toy building for use in kindergarten and fast accommodation of people

This multifunctional system can be used for construction and as temporary houses.

It is also very suitable for relief in crisis situations or used in poor countries which housing problems.

You can use of these beautiful blocks according to your taste.


An example of a house made of Legos

In addition, these buildings are used for children’s playrooms in entertainment complexes and are copied from toy legos.

Before it is implemented, special bolts are planted in the ground and this structure is placed on it so that it does not move.

The legos of this building are also very suitable for partitioning in children’s rooms or in kindergarten space. Separates the spaces beautifully and shapes the environment according to the children’s mood.


Partitioning the home and kindergarten environment with toy legos.

Examples of this model include the Lego house in Billund, Denmark, as well as a structure built by the Dutch company LOOS.FM, which is a church-shaped pavilion made of giant Lego pieces, 20 meters high.

This spectacular pavilion was intended for the Grenswerk Festival in Enschede, the Netherlands.

The lego pieces used to make this unique structure are actually made of painted concrete blocks.

These blocks can be disassembled like real Lego pieces and reused elsewhere, assembled in exactly the same way as Lego.

It is worth mentioning that after the end of the festival, this pavilion was simply dismantled and its blocks were separated from each other intact and usable in other projects.

Pasargad Company is a leading company in the field of design, structural calculations, construction and execution of toy buildings, relying on engineering knowledge and current world standards.

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