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Large and magnificent space for holding all kinds of ceremonies such as weddings, parties, families and the like.

Its most important use is to hold wedding ceremonies, examples of which can be easily seen.


A picture of the interior of a hall

A hall is one of the things that has little excitement and can be built on the floor of restaurant towers.

The capacity and area of a hall depends on the area of a tower and the capital spent on its construction.

Definitely having a high altitude hall for weddings, celebrations, private parties, etc. is one of the most important motivational tools to attract customers.


Hall on the floors of restaurant towers

Holding a wedding ceremony requires providing different conditions and facilities, and different criteria should be considered for choosing each one. Given the diversity of restaurants in cities and the competition between them through the provision of various services, the best way to progress in this area is to provide more attractiveness in addition to the usual facilities.

Pasargad Company helps our dear customers to have the best and most profitable halls in their city or country by designing luxurious halls on top of restaurant towers and providing the special services mentioned below.

There are definitely many people who wish to celebrate their wedding or their big parties in special and luxurious halls.

The presence of a hall in a restaurant tower creates a very special and pleasant atmosphere. Also, all-glass walls, with a 360-degree view, give guests a beautiful view.

Although the income and regular customers of city halls are not hidden from anyone, but the existence of a very special and beautiful hall at a high height with a unique view, encourages everyone to attend such a place.


The most important advantages of a restaurant tower hall compared to ordinary halls on the ground level:

Existence of a hall at a high height with 360 degree glass facade.

Guests use glass elevators to reach a hall


Dear investors, by building a hall, in addition to having a more complete collection, they can also have more income:

1. Profit from serving food, drinks and the like

2. Using of special facilities of restaurant towers by a couple bride and groom such as glass and aerial restaurants, transferring of a bride’s car to a hall by glass elevator and even transferring them by a helipad to a tower.

3. Special offers for wedding services such as table setting, flower arranging, filming and …

Investors and people who are thinking of starting high-paying businesses in the field of tourism and restaurants can build halls in restaurant towers in tourist cities and entertainment places of Iran to earn high income.

Pasargad Company is one of the superior companies in the field of design, structural calculations and hall construction in Iran and around the world, relying on modern world standards as well as engineering knowledge.

Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company helps you to create such a pleasant and dreamy atmosphere.


Interior view of wedding halls of restaurants

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