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floating hotel

Floating hotels are one of the most unique accommodations in the world. These floating accommodations include two parts: the hotel and the ship, which are located between the sky and the sea. Floating hotels offer the best tourist destinations and guests can enjoy stunning views of nature. Beautiful pictures of a floating hotel The floating […]

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suspended by derrick

As mentioned in the previous articles, the operation of an aerial restaurant (suspended) by a crane is not allowed in Iran. The most important reason is the control of the crane by manpower and the possibility of error in it. After years of research in this field, Pasargad Company designed a mechanical system similar to […]

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suspended by crane

This example of aerial restaurants has been implemented in several major cities of the world such as London and Shanghai and has many customers. People who love excitement do not miss it, even if it is the excitement of eating dinner in the sky. They experience it at least once. Just open your browser and […]

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quantum play

What could be more exciting than an amusement park in a tourist tower?In particular, the installation of rotating quantum and a sleigh at high height can attract many tourists.Aria Gostar Pasargad Company is able to help you to become a valid brand by using the safest and latest methods of building amusement parks at high […]

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