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a variety of appearance samples restaurant tower

One of the most important things that is considered in the construction of restaurant towers is its appearance because appearance is very important in attracting customers and becoming a symbol of the city and even the country then investing and budgeting for this part is like putting on a beautiful dress on a restaurant tower, […]

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Zip line is one of the most absorbing and exciting pastimes that everyone should try for once in their life and like Tarzan, move quickly between trees, like Tarzan. Zip lines are one of the most popular pastimes in the world for young people and adventurous tourists. The idea of falling from a height and […]

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The hotel is one of the places where one of the floors of a restaurant tower can be dedicated to it. The capacity and area of a hotel depends on the size and amount of capital spent on building the tower. Definitely, the existence of a luxurious hotel at a high altitude, which can be […]

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indoor and outdoor coffee shop

The coffee shop is a place in shopping malls and malls that is easily accessible. People go there to drink and even eat. In the old days, coffee shops were a place where people went there to eat, drink and hear stories. Pictures of outdoor and indoor coffee shops Coffee shop is one of the […]

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food court

A food court is a place where is usually created in shopping malls or chain stores or large buildings and towers, where a variety of restaurants and fast foods with an acceptable variety of food are served in the public hall. Customers refer to one of them according to their taste and register their order. […]

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