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traditional teahouse

The teahouse is one of the places where one of the floors of a restaurant tower can be dedicated to it. The capacity and area of a teahouse depends on the size and amount of capital spent on building the tower. Definitely, the existence of a traditional teahouse at a high altitude with beds for […]

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The kitchen is one of the most important places in a restaurant tower, which is very important. Although the kitchen does not have a direct income, it indirectly affects the entire income of the restaurant tower. Definitely preparing quality food and having a hygienic environment for the kitchen is effective in attracting customers. مکانی جهت […]

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concert hall

A place where music and singing groups perform their program live with full audio and video facilities and lighting, examples of which can be seen in the pictures. View of the interior of some concert halls One of the floors of a restaurant tower can be dedicated to concert halls. The capacity and area of […]

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cinema and conference hall

Cinema is a place where the arrangement of chairs, cinema scenes, curtains and all audio and video facilities and lighting in such a way that it is possible to watch high quality movies. Of course, we are all familiar with the atmosphere of cinema and its environment, and we have visited it many times to […]

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Large and magnificent space for holding all kinds of ceremonies such as weddings, parties, families and the like. Its most important use is to hold wedding ceremonies, examples of which can be easily seen. A picture of the interior of a hall A hall is one of the things that has little excitement and can […]

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