Sunday, 23 June , 2024

photography - Pasargad Aria Gostar Khavaran Company

Selfie spot

Photography has long been cherished as one of our most beloved and captivating hobbies. The advent of smartphone cameras with impressive capabilities has further empowered non-professionals to capture and share their moments of joy and happiness on social media platforms. The trend of taking selfies, while relatively new, has quickly become a familiar phenomenon in […]

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photography at the aerial restaurant

Photography in the aerial restaurant of Shandiz, Mashhad. Every guest takes 20 pictures (on average on herself (on himself)) in the aerial restaurant.

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special location at the aerial restaurant

Presence of dear guests at the special position of the aerial restaurant project structure of Shandiz, Mahhad. The special position is a place for musicians and dear guests can use it for photography.

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