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Selfie spot

Photography has long been cherished as one of our most beloved and captivating hobbies. The advent of smartphone cameras with impressive capabilities has further empowered non-professionals to capture and share their moments of joy and happiness on social media platforms. The trend of taking selfies, while relatively new, has quickly become a familiar phenomenon in […]

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Excitement and exercise application

In restaurant towers, entertainment complexes, and shopping malls, recreational and high-thrill facilities play a crucial role, serving as vital complements to the commercial and entertainment aspects. Many individuals crave high-level excitement, with some going as far as spending lavishly and traveling great distances for a taste of thrilling recreation and sports activities, if only once. […]

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Restaurant tower amenities

The amenities in restaurant towers are categorized into three tiers: low-thrill, medium-thrill, and high-thrill, typically spread across different floors, each with varying areas and capacities. Many of the amenities in restaurant towers are situated at least 20 meters above ground level, as it provides guests with an exhilarating experience at elevated altitudes. Glass restaurant (An […]

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