Wednesday, 7 June , 2023

restaurant towers


Photography is one of the most popular hobbies today, and the production of camera-quality smart phones has also helped non-professionals to share their images on social media. Taking selfies, in addition to being one of the most interesting pastimes these days, has also become an important issue in the tourism industry, and everyone, especially young […]

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exciting and sporty utilization

One of the most important parts of restaurant towers or entertainment towers and shopping malls is entertainment and exciting facilities that can be considered as a very effective and important complement to commercial and entertainment towers. Many people like a lot of excitement, and some are even willing to spend a lot of money and […]

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restaurant tower utilization

The facilities of restaurant towers are divided into three parts: low-excitement, semi-excitement and high-excited, and are usually created in different floors, with different areas and capacities. Most restaurant tower applications are at least 20 meters high, so it brings an exciting experience for guests at high altitudes. Glass restaurant (example of semi-exciting applications) Roof Garden […]

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