Saturday, 16 October , 2021


capsule restaurant or hotel

sleep at night in Kish island , but in the morning find yourself in the waters of Hengam Island. Imagine being able to sleep overnight at your hotel and being comfortable and safe in every way. The next morning you open your eyes to see the view from the window, but suddenly you feel right […]

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glass restaurant or hotel

Living under the sea can be an interesting and exciting experience for any human being. Under the sea is a world of wonders and secrets that we may be able to figure out with a few days of staying. Today, due to advances in the world of technology, are built submarine hotels, so that human […]

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undersea structures

Underwater structures are structures that are completely submerged in water and people enter through the entrance of this structure, which is located on the shore. These types of structures have been implemented in a very limited way all over the world, and if implemented in Iran, it can become a global brand to attract domestic […]

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lodge with a capacity of 28 Lodge models can be make with two capacities of 28 and 38 people. Shandiz aerial Restaurant, which was successfully implemented by Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company, is an example of a 28-person lodge structure. Depending on the needs and requests of the esteemed investor, based on the capacity of […]

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Our closest galactic neighbor is nothing but the moon, which has seen many romantic glances. The moon has beauty and feeling, and when we see the crescent next to the bright stars in the sky, it creates an indescribable feeling of peace in us. It may not be possible to eat in a restaurant at […]

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aerial restaurant models

Often the visual shape of a structure multiplies its appeal. Pasargad, which has always been a leader in the field of ideation, has been able to define very attractive shapes for aerial restaurant structures. Investors who are interested in this field can multiply the attractiveness of their restaurant and attract more customers by choosing any […]

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suspended by crane

This example of aerial restaurants has been implemented in several major cities of the world such as London and Shanghai and has many customers. People who love excitement do not miss it, even if it is the excitement of eating dinner in the sky. They experience it at least once. Just open your browser and […]

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helipad and playground

A helipad is a place where helicopters can land and take off. Using a helipad in a restaurant tower is like an emergency staircase that increases the level of safety, but Pasargad Company has designed other applications by imitating famous examples as well as using its creative engineers.By adding special uses, the company has multiplied […]

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