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In this section of website, a summary of project specifications is given that they have been implemented or are being implemented by Pasargad Company. In the following pages, their design, construction, pick-axing and implementation are explained in details.

Shandiz ,Mashhad Project:

Pasargad Company launched first aerial restaurant with the capacity of 28 people, by a crane on trial basis in Iran [Shandiz village of Mashhad].

The restaurant opened at a grand ceremony with the presence of high –ranking officials.

Ferdows Garden of Isfahan project:

Pasargad Company launched construction of the first phase of the world’s first and largest aerial restaurant project with the capacity of 38 guests by derrick [no need for crane , smart mechanical lifting system at Ferdows Garden in Isfahan in November 2017 and tasted it successfully in May 2018 Besides started the second phase of the project with making longest zip line [tower to tower] in the world with a height of 450-meters long in two line and 6 person glass elevator and 45-meters long emergency stairs in July 2018 that it is still under construction.

Cariesland of Yazd Project:

Yazd province structure highest tourist project construction with 75-meters was started. With the following characteristics:

The second diamond restaurant in Iran [area of 200 square meters at a height of 50-meters.]

Roof Garden [area of 200 square meters at a height of 54-meters]

The first zip line in Yazd province [with a length of 350 meters and in two line]

The first sliding restaurant in the world [ with the capacity of 30 people and a height of 40 meters]

Glass elevator with the capacity of 13 and 6 people and emergency stairs with a height of 54 meters]

And a place for selfi pictures at the tower tip at a height of 75 meters in the collection of Yazd’s Cariesland which of course is under construction.

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