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traditional teahouse

The teahouse is one of the places where one of the floors of a restaurant tower can be dedicated to it. The capacity and area of a teahouse depends on the size and amount of capital spent on building the tower. Definitely, the existence of a traditional teahouse at a high altitude with beds for sit on, which can be the accommodation of guests, is one of the most important tools to attract customers to the restaurant tower.

A beautiful view of a traditional teahouse There are definitely many people who like to have a delicious drink in a traditional teahouse in a restaurant tower. The place of the traditional teahouse in the restaurant tower is a very special and pleasant place and gives a great view to the guests.

traditional teahouse
traditional teahouse

View of a teahouse in a storey of a restaurant tower

Although the income and regular customers of teahouses are not hidden from anyone, but the existence of a very special and beautiful teahouse at a high height with a unique view, encourages everyone to attend such a place.

traditional teahouse

نمایی از طبقه‌ی چایخانه‌ی سنتی در برج رستورانی

هر چند که درآمد چایخانه‌های سنتی در سطح شهر بر کسی پوشیده نیست اما وجود یک چایخانه‌ی سنتی بسیار خاص و زیبا در ارتفاع با نمای دید منحصر به فرد، هر شخصی را ترغیب می‌کند که وعده‌ی صبحانه، عصرانه یا شام را در آن جا میل نماید و برای رسیدن به فضای چایخانه‌ی سنتی در ارتفاع، استفاده از آسانسورهای شیشه‌ای را تجربه کند.

In addition to Iranians, these restaurants are very attractive and significant for foreign tourists and can play an important role in attracting tourists. Tourists can enjoy these traditional eateries and traditional Iranian food.


The most important advantages of a traditional teahouse built in a restaurant tower compared to a traditional teahouse built on the ground floor:

Beautiful high-altitude view, glass elevator (which can be one of the attractive tools)


Dear investors, by creating a traditional teahouse as one of the most important facilities of the restaurant tower, in addition to completing their collection, you can also benefit from its side income.Including:

Profit from serving food, drinks and so on.

Providing ancillary services such as hookah and the like

Today, many companies across the country are consulting and establishing traditional teahouses and cafeterias. But it is better to consult with specialized and experienced companies in this field for any advice in this field. Pasargad Company is at the service of your compatriots with the experience of designing and building dozens of successful projects, in order to provide the best services for the progress of your work by presenting new designs. You can leave the establishment of your traditional teahouse to Pasargad Company.

Pasargad Company is one of the superior companies in the field of design, structural calculations, construction and implementation of traditional teahouses in the restaurant tower, relying on engineering knowledge and world standards.

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