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Fans of Billiards are of all ages, the sport is popular among many people. Having a luxury Billiards club in a recreational-restaurant tower can attract snooker fans to the tower and over time can encourage them to use the tower’s other facilities and increase the tower’s revenue.

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Pictures of luxury Billiards clubs in recreational complexes

Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company will fulfill your dreams, investing in such projects is not only a big risk but will have a good return in the short term, these days people are looking for recreation complexes that have the most entertainment and games inside itself, as result creating a Billiards room doubles the entertainment complex importance.

The date of the invention of billiards is unknown. In France, a type of billiards was popular in the 16th century, and before that, a similar game was common. Billiards was common in England under Shakespeare.

This sport was initially performed outdoors but later moved to indoor.



Billiards is an exciting, engaging and entertaining game that has many fans; many people play this game for fun and pastime and some others do it professionally. So having a billiards club influences people to attract them to the entertainment-restaurant tower.

Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company, as a creative company in the field of designing and creating entertainment, sports and the like, is ready to cooperate with esteemed investors to build recreational-sports facilities.

Pasargad Company is a leading company in the field of design, structural calculations, construction and implementation of billiards club in restaurant towers, relying on engineering knowledge and world standards.

Below is a fascinating and exciting video of billiards

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