Thursday, 5 August , 2021

about us

Ariya Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company is one of the best companies in the field of implementation of recreation, tourism and civil engineering.

The company was stablished by engineer Saeed Safari in February 2014 with registration 50511, and began its work in the field of construction of aerial restaurant.

Aerial restaurant is one of the most special types of restaurant in the world which its construction technology was in Belgium monopoly, but Pasargad Company was able to product and implement this produce more safely and more quality than similar models by the efforts of engineers.

The company is able to operate internationally and has produced the most pristine tourist projects in the world (even better than foreign models) by modeling foreign models.
And Pasargad Company has a unique method in the field of aerial restaurants, floating hotels, suspended house, restaurant tower, zip line, bungee jumping and the like.

With the help of God, Pasargad Company has successfully produced, designed and implemented numerous tourism and entertainment ideas.
Our company is proud for being the manufacturer of the world's first, most advanced, most modern and largest aerial restaurant (suspended, by derrick).

Pasargard Company has started designing and building of the best and latest ideas for tourism and civil engineering and has been became visible more successful (and pioneering) in this regard than in the past.

It is hoped by producing these tourist phenomena, a big step will be taken towards the prosperity of world tourism and be source of healthy entertainment and vitality for the people.

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