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Ferris Wheel Restaurant

The Ferris wheel is one of the most popular recreational rides and we all have at least one memorable memory of it, but the Ferris wheel designed by Pasargad (like all its projects) I is different from the other models made!

This Ferris wheel consists of 28 cabins which are in the form of capsules and have a certain capacity (minimum 2 people and maximum 28 people). Their arrangement is done in a completely professional and standard way and the total capacity of this structure is about 784 people. These cabins have dimensions of 4 by 7 meters and their total area is 28 meters.

All cabins have air conditioning, and as the walls are made of glass, people can watch 360 degrees of the city as the Ferris wheel spins. The cabins are air-conditioned and all made of ultraviolet insulated glass walls to provide a 360-degree view of the city as the Ferris wheel rotates and to protect the cabin passengers from sunlight.

These capsules are safe from any scary shocks and vibrations because they are made according to wind engineering and strong winds will not harm them. The complete rotation of this Ferris wheel takes about half an hour and this time is enough to create astonishment and amazement because of the amazing and wonderful scenery in front of you.


Beautiful view of the restaurant Ferris wheel

The height of this ferris wheel is so high that at its highest point, in addition to seeing the whole city, provided the air is clean, you can also see neighboring cities in the distance. This is not only a carousel, but also a place where we can provide additional equipment to receive turists from domestics or foreign. To make the ferris wheel more entertaining for the guests, other facilities such as playing music, filming, etc. can be added to make it more enjoyable for the guests to be in the carousel for half an hour.

Surely everyone who has experienced riding on this particular structure and can see the surrounding scenery from the top of this Ferris wheel unanimously acknowledges that it is almost impossible to describe this experience. At the highest point of this Ferris wheel, we will have a 360-degree view of the surrounding areas, which would not have been possible without the help of this huge and amazing structure.


360 degree view of the surrounding areas in the restaurant Ferris wheel

Guests can ride a regular Ferris wheel, but we offer a Ferris wheel that gives them the opportunity to have a dream meal in the sky to capture a memorable memory in their minds. A waiter also handles orders in the cabin.


How to ride in the restaurant Ferris wheel and reception tables with a beautiful view

Other facilities of this Ferris wheel include providing conditions for gatherings and celebrations of friendly, family, work and even private.

since many people like to hold their engagement or wedding ceremony in a special and attractive way. By designing this special Ferris wheel, Pasargad Company, on the one hand, helps people to achieve their desires and on the other hand, helps dear investors to enjoy a reputable brand.


Holding friendly, family, work and even ceremonies and celebrations in the restaurant Ferris wheel

By creating different designs such as: increasing the number of rotations and increasing the rotation time, serving all kinds of food and drinks, special decorations, preparing invitation cards for guests, etc., the income of this Ferris wheel can be increased.

safety tips:

This is a Ferris wheel in which guests ride in suspended capsules from the outer edge of the wheel and experience a change in direction and height, and certainly need to follow safety tips, including:

Fastening seat belts for all guests

Enclosing the entrance door in a special way.

Preventing minors from entering unaccompanied

Prevent babies from entering (it is not possible for them to fasten their seat belts due to the small size of the baby’s limbs).

Pasargad Company is a leading company in the field of design, structural calculations, construction and manufacturing of restaurant Ferris wheel, relying on engineering knowledge and world standards.

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