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helipad and playground

A helipad is a place where helicopters can land and take off. Using a helipad in a restaurant tower is like an emergency staircase that increases the level of safety, but Pasargad Company has designed other applications by imitating famous examples as well as using its creative engineers.By adding special uses, the company has multiplied the revenue from each of the restaurant tower components. For instance, sports and ceremonial use of helipad space in addition to its common use can help generate more revenue.

Of course having a helipad in a tower depends on fire department permits, which vary from city to city.

helipad and playground
helipad and playground

Helipad in restaurant tower

helipad and playground
helipad and playground
helipad and playground
helipad and playground

Using a helipad as a tennis court, ping pong and boxing in one of the most famous towers in the world

What is heliport?

A heliport is an area of land or structure that is used or intended for the landing and take-off of helicopters. In other words, it is a small airport suitable for use by helicopters and some other vertical lift platforms.

Types of heliports such as: surface helicopters, rooftop helicopters, and helipads.

A heliport can have one or more landings, each of which is called a helipad.

helipad and playground
helipad and playground

Examples of tall tower helipads

Heliport structure

This structure can be made of different materials such as steel, concrete and aluminum or a combination of two or mere materials.

Today, it is mostly made in the form of space structures or in the form of a combination of concrete and steel structures, and this method is more common. The minimum thickness of concrete slab for these structures is 6 Cm.

helipad and playground

Conceptual design of helipad fabrication materials

Helicopter pad design

Helipad is a place used for landing and take off helicopters on tall buildings and towers.

If the height of a building in a city is more than 45 meters the design and construction of a helipad will be mandatory but other buildings can also volunteer to install a helipad.

helipad and playground
helipad and playground

Helicopters landing on helipads of tall towers

The criteria required for such buildings mainly consist of two parts Implementing rules and regulations:

The first part is the instruction NO 4314 of the National Aviation Organization and the second part is the urban planning criteria (dimensions and size of the helicopter placement plan) and loading and calculation criteria some of which we will mention.

The minimum weight of the helicopter ( for the city of Tehran) is considered equal to 40 kN.

The location of the helicopter should be a circle with a diameter of at least 18 meters, in addition a strip at least 1.5 meters wide should be considered as a safety guard around it.

Note: if there is a truss around the helipad we should be 2 meters away from the edge of the helipad with a slope of 1:2.

helipad and playground

Conceptual of the introduction of different areas of the helipad

In addition to article 6 of the national building code, several loading rues must be observed:

For helicopters weighing more than 14 kN, a uniformly wide live bas of 3 kN/m2 should be applied alone and the structural calculations checked.

In concrete structures (final limit design method) the load coefficient of the helicopter in the first composition should be equal to 1.66.

In steel structures (designed by the limit resistance method) The load coefficient of the helicopter in the second composition should be equal to 1.66.

Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company is ready to cooperate with you esteemed investor, by observing the rules and principles of construction of the most modern structures in Iran. The services provided to you are as follows:

Make a helipad

Obtaining the approval of the National Aviation Organization

Confirmation of building strength

Providing technical specifications and calculation booklet

Advice on obtaining the need of municipal work

Helipad completion permit

Calculation book

helipad and playground

3D view of the area around a helipad and the exit of a helipad

Providing construction of emergency, commercial and hospital helipads Including:

Collecting and completing documents and forms required for design.

Review of structural documents (bearing static and dynamic load) according to the calculations of the employer structural engineer and provide corrective comments and review of corrective plans.

Checking the technical specifications of the pad surface, type of cover and slope of surface in the mentioned place accordance with helicopter design and first design of pad.

Checking the levels of flight safety.

Checking the access path to a pad and emergency exit.

Providing rainwater discharge specifications for a pad.

Providing safety net and peripheral security.

Presenting the specifications of the fire extinguishing system.

Providing lighting system specifications (ambient lights, helipad surface illuminates and obstacle warning lights).

Presenting the specifications of the wind measuring system (analog) and determining the installation location.

Checking the specifications and design of the project and determine the extent of their obstruction.

Providing specifications for painting pads.

Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company provides expert consulting to inform employers about project design and implementation models.

Pasargad Company is one of the best engineering companies in the field of design, structural calculations, construction and implementation of helipads in restaurant towers, relying on engineering knowledge and modern standards.

Below is shown a video of how the helicopter landed on a helipad at the top of the restaurant tower.

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