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cube building

To be different, we must take risks and look at normal and repetitive events in our environment from a different angle.

Have you ever wondered why the buildings around us should all be built in one shape and style?!

Certainly, if you think differently, you will come up with new and innovative designs and ideas that will change your perspective.

Pasargad Company, as the most creative construction company, has started to conceive and design buildings that, in addition to its unique visual effect, have a different architectural style and turn the urban environment into a beautiful museum.

Is it not possible that the floors, like the millions of buildings in the world, do not overlap and by a little rotation takes a much different shape?!

The answer to this question is in the cube-shaped building, which is the idea of Pasargad Company.

The structure consists of a number of cubic sections, each of which is rotated a few degrees around the central axis and is fixed.

This provides generous private balconies for residents while giving the build a stunning view.


Cube building with stunning views of the urban space

The cubic building is structurally composed of a fixed core including elevators and emergency stairs and is made of strong concrete pillars.

These rectangular cube layers can be placed in different positions relative to each other and create unique shapes.

The cube building has a new idea that can be designed and implemented in residential, office and commercial and become a great success in the style of urban architecture.

This structure is no different from ordinary buildings in terms of resistance and due to its appearance, and all the facilities and options of a modern building are designed on it.


Types of cube-shaped building models

One famous example of this type of building is the cube houses built along one of the busiest streets in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

These cube houses were designed by German architect Pete Bloom in the late 1970s.

In this way, he not only added to the visual appeal of the city, but also was able to make the most of the limited space by building cubic houses and he was also able to show the art of architecture well.

You might be surprised to learn that cube houses were actually designed and built for residential use and were not intended to be museums or hotels.

Today, however, everyone can enter some cubic houses as a tourist and see their interior with strange walls at a 45-degree angle.

Now, decades after the construction of these cubic houses was completed, they are still considered one of the strangest buildings in the world.

If you look at these cube houses from a distance, each one evokes the image of a tree, and it looks like a strange yellow forest in front of you.

A 50-meter-high cube building east of Beirut in Lebanon is another example.

Our profession is the art of organizing the optimal space for living.

It does not matter if the space is a complex combination of geometric volumes or a simple and unpretentious design that is done with respect to the surrounding landscape and nature.

Pasargad Company is a leading company in the field of design, structural calculations, construction and execution of cubic buildings, relying on modern engineering knowledge and world standards.

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