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cinema and conference hall

Cinema is a place where the arrangement of chairs, cinema scenes, curtains and all audio and video facilities and lighting in such a way that it is possible to watch high quality movies.

Of course, we are all familiar with the atmosphere of cinema and its environment, and we have visited it many times to watch movies.

The conference hall is a place where all the necessary facilities are provided for holding conferences, gatherings, seminars and the like, which are for the use of governmental and non-governmental organizations.

cinema and conference hall
cinema and conference hall

View of the interior of a cinema

cinema and conference hall
cinema and conference hall

View of the interior of the conference halls

Due to the similarity between cinema and conference halls, one hall can be used for two purposes.

Cinema and conference halls are among the items that can be assigned floors of restaurant towers.

Definitely having a quality cinema to watch movies as well as having a conference hall for gatherings, meetings, seminars, conferences and the like at the heights of a tower is one of the most important ways to attract customers.

This space has a different design because it has various uses.

The lighting, the materials used and also the coordination of colors are important points that are considered in the design of this space.

Creating frames with high visual appeal can be effective in achieving the desired space.

Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company intends to equip the conference hall with a dedicated and optimal large space for showing a film or conference.

Of course, the considerations that must be taken into account in the design of the meeting hall are more important than the number of chairs and equipment used.

Pasargad Company takes into account all these considerations by its experts and engineers.

Pasargad engineers believe that “No two people are alike, there’s no time like the present “So a well-designed conference hall or cinema can be a special place to keep everyone together.

If a couple comes to the cinema or theater regularly or attends a conference for a few hours and enjoys attending, it means that the hall is good in terms of design and equipment. This is exactly the goal that Pasargad Company is pursuing.

It is noteworthy that a conference hall should be very beautiful and well equipped. If the people who have come to the salons you designed have felt good, you are on the right track.

Pasargad Company with a brilliant history in carrying out profitable projects in this field, guides and accompanies you dear customers.

cinema and conference hall
cinema and conference hall
cinema and conference hall
cinema and conference hall
cinema and conference hall

View of a design of conference halls and cinema for two purposes in a restaurant tower

There are definitely a lot of people who like to hold their big conferences and meetings in a special and magnificent place or even show their films in a luxurious and magnificent place.

The cinema and conference hall in the restaurant tower is a very special and pleasant place. The all-glass walls and 360-degree view of the cinema and the conference hall offer a great view for the guests.

Although the income and popularity of cinema is an undeniable fact, if a cinema is located in a restaurant tower with a glass elevator, it will definitely encourage more people to go there and watch a movie.


The most important advantages of a cinema or conference hall built in a restaurant tower compared to a cinema or conference hall built on the ground floor:

1. Existence of a cinema or conference hall at a height and 360-degree glass facade and viewing the beautiful atmosphere of the city from a height while watching movies and holding meetings.

2. Beautiful high-altitude view, glass elevator (which can be one of the attractive tools)


Dear investors, by having a hall, in addition to having a more complete collection, they can also have more income:

1. Profit from selling snacks, drinks, catering in cinemas and conferencehalls

2. Renting a cinema hall to people for private use and holding film review meetings, festivals and the like

3. Rental of halls to public and private offices and companies

4. Creating VIP seats in cinemas for those interested in using them.

Why do we need a cinema and conference hall?

Since human beings began collecting stories from their daily lives to create stories and display them on stage in front of audiences, the need for places for these activities has increased.

The design of the cinema and conference hall started from the Greek and Roman open-air amphitheaters and has expanded to the incredible modern halls we see today. Although some of the shapes of these conference halls work better for certain types of applications, there is no ideal shape and size for an amphitheater.

Choosing the best shape and size for a conference hall depends on its use (film, lecture, performance, and music) and the number of audiences.

cinema and conference hall
cinema and conference hall

View of the interior of some VIP chairs in conference halls and cinemas

Watching movies in such a luxurious and beautiful hall will be an unforgettable experience for you, and Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company, the designer and manufacturer of the most modern cinemas and conference halls, can help you in this regard.

Investors and people who are thinking of starting high-paying businesses in the field of tourism and restaurants can build cinemas and conference salons in restaurant towers in tourist cities and entertainment places of Iran to earn high income.

Pasargad Company is one of the superior companies in the field of design, structural calculations and cinemas and conference halls construction in Iran and around the world, relying on modern world standards as well as engineering knowledge.

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