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Among all the nations of the world, water has always been the source of life and the main factor in the construction of many cities and structures.

As throughout the history of Iran, the earth has witnessed the construction of valuable and glorious buildings such as thirty-three bridges of Isfahan, Shushtar windmills and Sassanid pavilions by the water (or on the water) . and even one of the distinguishing indicators of Sassanid architecture from other architecture Historical periods are their construction alongside water resources.

This issue is not specific to Iran and in the old cities around the world, the importance of water in the vicinity of the city is clearly seen.

With the advancement of technology, not only has the water importance not diminished, but with the formation of new recreations such as boating, the use of beach houses, engaging in various water sports such as water skiing, as well as the enjoyment of hot springs, it has become more important.

The old form of water tourism can be seen in the travels of Roman aristocrats to escape the summer heat and live in summer houses by the sea.

With the industrial revolution and the improvement of working conditions such as reducing working hours, increasing vacations and increasing income along with the advancement of transportation technology, the middle and working class of society also achieved the opportunity for such entertainment.

With the increase in popularity and access to these places, the owners and residents of the adjacent water and sea areas decided to offer more facilities and services such as beach accommodation, medical facilities and water sports to create more memorable memories for tourism.

Over time, beach entertainment has flourished and continues to be popular with tourists from all over the world.

Officially, with the beginning of the 21st century, a new and exciting form of tourism was introduced to the world.

This type of tourism in addition to tourism includes professional sports, leisure and it is also fun.

Services provided in the field of water tourism are provided to applicants on a large scale, at different prices, with various equipment and in different places, and this variety and technologies used in it are added every year.

Due to the popularity of marine recreation, investing in marine tourism structures is one of the best opportunities to start a profitable business and Pasargad Company is ready to present special plans for investment in the Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf coasts through many studies and researches.

Marine tourist structures are one of the most attractive and profitable projects in the field of tourism, which is specific to areas where there are sea, lake, river the like. Certainly we all know that one of the greatest natural attractions is the existence of water, which is relaxing and attractive to humans.

Pasargad Company is able to implement floating structures on water and even underwater with the most standard methods in the world and bring the level of the country’s tourist facilities to a high level in the world. The products of this company in this field, in addition to its high profitability and uniqueness, have a great attraction for the dear people of Iran and foreign tourists, which we will explain in detail.

The following diagram is an expert classification of various types of marine tourist structures.

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