Wednesday, 25 May , 2022

glass structure

In the field of launching various types of recreational and tourism structures, people are looking for new places, and investing in this field, due to its newness, will make this business prosperous.

With the entry of glass into the construction industry, we have been witnessed amazing changes in the architecture and design of buildings, so that it can be said that glass structures are used today in many different fields.

The use of these structures is possible in any place and today we see the implementation of glass facades, office partitions and interior decoration.

The use of these materials in construction has become so common that architects and designers around the world are interested in using this type of structure in construction projects.

The dramatic growth of this material in construction shows its unique quality and popular features.

The scope of using glass as a modern, transparent, beautiful and safe element today is no longer limited to the facades of buildings and windows, and architects tend to use it in interior design and interior spaces of buildings. Glass and metal structures are formed in the vicinity of different glasses with metal elements and scaffolding and are executed in different shapes.

Certainly, the construction of glass projects has a higher complexity than the classic metal and concrete structures, which requires very precise and expert calculations.

Pasargad Company is able to design, manufacture and execute any tourist and recreational glass structure and can implement various models in this field.

The following diagram is an expert classification of different types of glass structures

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