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Airplane Restaurant

These days, airplanes and air travel have become an integral part of our lives. Airplanes are so integrated into our lives that they matter even as they get older.

Some of these planes have taken to the museum and others find new uses with a little creativity and innovation! One of these interesting uses and initiative is to turn the plane into a restaurant!

If you are afraid of flying or are interested in flying but cannot travel much, you can eat on a plane instead of flying.


Turning an airplane into a restaurant is one of the most creative catering styles.

Eating at high altitudes is definitely one of the worst aspects of air travel.

Most people are not eager to have food on the plane, although some airlines hire executive chefs and are exempt from this rule.

Maybe it’s because our sense of taste does not work properly at high altitudes.

Some people think that humans are inherently grumpy when flying, which is why people are more likely to moan and complain.

But what if we could turn the plane into our destination instead of a vehicle to reach our destination? While our feet are completely on the ground.

A number of used airplanes around the world have been turned into restaurants, creating an interesting and unusual place to eat. These restaurants are set in the interior of the aircraft cabin and give their customers the experience of eating in an airline restaurant.


An example of a disable plane that has been turned into a restaurant.

Apparently, having food in a regular restaurant is so banal these days that from time to time we hear the news of the opening of a strange and unusual restaurant.

Some restaurant models are very diverse and sometimes exotic. Like, the restaurant in the deep ocean, the restaurant that you confuse it with floristry! , suspended restaurant, a restaurant where an earthquake strikes at any moment , and now, the planes that turn into restaurants.

There are planes around the world that no longer fly and you do not need to buy a plane ticket to board them. These planes have been turned into restaurants and have created an interesting and spectacular atmosphere for eating.

Wait, this is not the whole story! Ticket holders of this model of restaurants can visit the plane if they wish, as well as visit the cabins that are only available to the flight crew and also other attractive places on the plane.

In addition, airplane restaurant occupants can enjoy a variety of entertainment, one of which is access to hundreds of movies and series. As a souvenir or a memorable memory, it can give a gift to restaurant guests that is definitely fun for them.

ApEN10 2

a beautiful and unique restaurant on a plane

In Iran and many countries around the world, disable planes are used for restaurants. These worn-out planes have been rebuilt inside and used as restaurants or coffee shops due to their healthy mold and fuselage.

However, due to the high cost of moving and transporting worn-out planes from the airport to the desired location, their use is not cost effective at all.


Turning the interior of the plane into a restaurant or coffee shop with the desired decoration

Pasargad Company uses its ability to produce aircraft fuselage in an innovative way and produces it at a much cheaper price. This means that in order to build a restaurant with the appearance of an airplane, there is no need to buy the body of a worn-out airplane, and by producing its mold, which resembles an airplane, this restaurant can be built.

The production of airplane fuselage has many advantages over buying a worn-out aircraft, which are briefly mentioned:

1. The frame of a worn planes is made of expensive materials (made by Aluminum), but the frame of planes which we have produced is not.

2. They are easier to transport and install than worn-out airplane.

3. It takes a long time to buy used airplane because of their formal trend, but it is cost-effective to produce their frames.

Pasargad Company is a leading company in the field of design, structural calculations, construction and building of airplane restaurants, relying on engineering knowledge and world standards.

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