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buildings of three eyes

Typically, buildings that are made up of floors are implemented in the shape of a rectangular cube, and the floors are stacked on top of each other, forming a repetitive shape that we have all seen in the city.

Pasargad Company with its creative design has been able to diversify the appearance of the building and give a unique visual beauty to the urban environment.

The Building of three eyes is another special building whose architecture will attract everyone’s attention.

The reason for choosing this name for the three-eyed building is the existence of three large sections in the building and the window exit from the front of each section.


There are three large sections in the three-eyed building

In fact, the three-eyed building has three parts, each part of which can have several floors, and at first glance, it seems that this building consists of three separate buildings.

This is actually the art of architecture, and while it is a single building from the inside, it looks like three structures from the outside.

The shapes that make up the three-eye building are designed almost like the human eye, creating the impression that the big eye is looking at the city or nature, and the end windows, like the pupil of the eye, are responsible for letting light into the building.


The three-eyed building is actually the eyes that look at the scenery!

By designing and building each of these floors in different directions, you can have three complete views of the beauties around the house at the same time.

Also, by performing curvature at the end of each of the components of this building, this building can be given more beauty and its appearance can be doubled.

The three-eyed building can be given applications such as residential, medical, commercial and office buildings, and became known as the symbol and eye of the city, and a profitable and special investment can be made by implementing a three-eyed building.

In terms of strength, the three-eye building, which is designed and implemented by Pasargad Zero to One Hundred, is no different from other buildings and has all the facilities embedded in it.

Pasargad Company is a leading company in the field of design, structural calculations, construction and execution of three-eye building, relying on engineering knowledge and world standards.

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