Sunday, 24 October , 2021


Our closest galactic neighbor is nothing but the moon, which has seen many romantic glances. The moon has beauty and feeling, and when we see the crescent next to the bright stars in the sky, it creates an indescribable feeling of peace in us.

It may not be possible to eat in a restaurant at the moon, but it is definitely possible to crave a meal in a crescent-shaped restaurant suspended in the sky.

Not only is the implementation of this plan not far from the mind, but the preparation process takes less time due to the lower weight of the structure.

This restaurant crescent can be beautifully illuminated with a soft yellow light to become the most touristic restaurant in your city.

Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company will fulfill your dreams.

Moon model
Moon model
Moon model
Moon model

Moon model of aerial restaurant

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