Wednesday, 25 May , 2022

floating structure

Floating structures are structures that, like ships and boats, are submerged on the surface of the water and are attached to structures created on the shore by means of strong tow ropes.

Floating structures are one of the most attractive and luxurious marine structures that can be used for hotels, residential, restaurants and even cinemas.

Presence in these structures, in addition to the 360-degree view of the sea, brings relaxing moments for people with the sound of the waves.

Boats are often used to commute floating structures, which doubles the excitement.

Floating structures do not cause any damage to the marine ecosystem and no damage is done to the sea to build them, and the structures are completely floating.

The construction of floating structures is not limited to the seas and they can be built in inland lakes such as Lake Chitgar, although they are not comparable in beauty to the coasts and islands of the south and north of our beloved country.

The following diagram is an expert classification of various floating structures.

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