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lodge with a capacity of 28

Lodge models can be make with two capacities of 28 and 38 people.

Shandiz aerial Restaurant, which was successfully implemented by Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company, is an example of a 28-person lodge structure.

Depending on the needs and requests of the esteemed investor, based on the capacity of the restaurant, one of the two samples of 28 or 38 people will be selected.

The construction model of both types of lodge aerial restaurants is almost the same and they differ only in the number of capacities.

Lodge models
Lodge models

Lodge model of aerial restaurant with a 28 capacity of people

Lodge models

Lodge aerial restaurant for 28 people (model implemented in Shandiz village of Mashhad by Pasargad Company)

Lodge restaurant with a capacity of 38 people

Exactly the same description of the 28-person model applies to 38 people.
In the design of the 38-person model, it is possible to act differently by placing larger or smaller tables.

It depends on your taste, dear investor, and just share what you want with us.

Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company considers its goal to be the realization of your dream.

Lodge models

Lodge model with a capacity of 38 people of aerial restaurants

Lodge models
Lodge models

lodge aerial restaurant for 38 people (model made in Isfahan by Pasargad Company)

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