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bungee jumping

One of the most popular sports for thrill-seekers is bungee jumping. Of course, this sport or high jump experience is not suitable for everyone and is known in the world as one of the most exciting and dangerous activities. If you are not afraid and want to experience a lot of adrenaline, this exercise may be right for you.

In this super-exciting sport, people fall down from launching pad of the restaurant tower with a large elastic cord and do pendulum movements with it.

bungee jumping
bungee jumping

Excitement of reverse Bungee jumping

Acquaintance with bungee jumping is something that can completely change your opinion about thriller activities. Suppose after a long time of daily life and fatigue you go to the heights, take deep breaths and experience an exciting fall. What could be better than this?

What is bungee jumping?

Bungee or bungee jumping is an activity in which you must put your fears aside and jump from a relatively high altitude. In this fun, your life is safe and you can trust the bodyguards and spring ropes that are attached to you. You jump from a high height and before you reach the ground, you are suspended in the air by the elasticity of your rope.

In this activity, sometimes you jump from the top of a crane, sometimes you experience jumping from a high platform with a height of more than 30 meters, and sometimes you are taken to the air by helicopter and jump from there.

The higher the altitude, the more excitement and the higher the adrenaline in your blood.

bungee jumping
bungee jumping

The moment of jumping from the bungee jumping platform

Making bungee jumping is a very profitable and of course tourist project that can attract many tourists, especially in Iran, where people like excitement. Bungee jumping can be made in terms of height with special designs that Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company is a leader in its design and implementation.

Of course, it should be noted that today the cost of making bungee jumping is very high due to the high cost of ropes and mats, and it can almost be said that if this exciting sport wants to be performed alone, it will not be profitable.

bungee jumping

Photos and videos while jumping are one of the bungee jumping incomes.

Bungee jumping in Iran

It was in 2007 that the first bungee jumping club in Iran was established.
Tochal Club started its work in 2007 and its activity was recognized the following year. The first person to taste the thrill of jumping from the platform of this club was ”Peyman Abadi”, a famous Iranian stuntman whose important works include the TV series “Warning for Kobra 11”.

If you want to experience this excitement in Iran, you can go to the following places:

The tallest natural bungee jumping platform in the country in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari provience

The tallest bungee in Iran in the Ganjname of Hamedan

Bungee jumping platform of Tehran Velayat Park

Bungee jumping of the beautiful island of Kish

Bungee jumping of Children complex in Mashhad

bungee jumping
bungee jumping

Bungee jumping platform on Kish Island (pictured right) and Tochal of Tehran (pictured left)

Bungee Jumping Equipment:

Take yourself to one of the bungee jumping clubs to experience the excitement of this entertainment.

Necessary equipment for bungee jumping:

Harness (bungee jumping vest)

Bungee cord



Safety Helmet

Heel strip

Bungee cord

Safety tips:

Each bungee jumping site, depending on its equipment, imposes certain height and weight restrictions, so pay attention to this point.

Before going to the top of the platform, if you have certain diseases, be sure to coordinate with the relevant person in charge.

Tell operator everything about heart disease, high blood pressure, bone problems, etc. to see if this hobby is right for you at all!

Take off your glasses and your eyes lenses.

Wear comfortable clothes and choose it suitable for the weather.

do not doubt; Remember that you only have a few seconds to jump, otherwise you may give up!

you did not seem cowardly by shouting. Remember that bungee is a way to vent your excitement and shouting multiplies the pleasure.

If you want to reach the peak of excitement, then dive

bungee jumping
bungee jumping

Safety equipment when jumping bungee jumping

Where did bungee jumping come from?

The legend says that bungee jumping first appeared on the Pentecost Island in the South Pacific. During the Second World War the westerners came to this island for the first time and discovered this people and their custom of bungee jumping. According to this legend, one of the natives, Tamalie, was abusing his wife, so she decided to run away. She climbed a tall tree to hide, but he found her and climbed after her. While he was climbing, she tied up lianas around her ankles and in the moment Tamalie tried to catch her, she jumped from the tree. Tamalie jumped after her, hit the ground and died.

From that day, men in the village started practicing jumping with lianas so women couldn’t outwit men ever again. So they built 28-meter high tower for jumping. Before jump, every man has ritual bath and then climbs a tower. Then his wife is brought to tower where she has to listen husband’s complaints in front of whole village. After speech, man has to jump, head down, to proof his manhood. The tradition has retained until today and has become a touristic attraction. The western world hasn’t discovered this custom until 1955 from the article of Irving i Electa Johnson in National Geographic magazine.

The history of modern bungee jumping started at 1 st of April, 1979.

When members of Oxford Dangerous Sport Club performed a few (by the way illegal) jumps from the 80-meter high Clifton Bridge in Bristol, England. This attraction made a big fuss in public and main actors put in prison for a few days, but bungee jumping started coquetting the world. American soldiers heard about this and decided to try bungee jumping. Namely, American army was using ribbon cord for parachutes. This kind of rope served them for the first jumps which weren’t very pleasant, but it worked. These attractions started to appear very frequently all around the world and the appearance of the first commercial bungee site was only a matter of time. So, in 1989 the New Zealander adventurer A.J. Hackett (then anonymous) started the very first commercial bungee site in Queenstown , New Zealand . From that time, A.J. became the world acknowledged authority in bungee jumping and earned quite good sum of money. Up to now, over a million people have jumped on his worldwide bungee sites.

Where does the word bungee jumping come from?

“Bungee jump” is an English word, “bungee” literally means a kind of rope, and “jumping” also means jumping. Bungee jumping is a recreational sport in which a kind of rope is tied to the ankle using equipment and the person is thrown from a great height. And just like Yoyo, it jumps up and down, and this excitement and fun maximizes the game.

Bungee jumping is without a doubt one of the most exciting air sports in the world and can raise your adrenaline level to the highest level, so many people who love excitement and fear have become bungee jumping fans all over the world.

bungee jumping
bungee jumping

Secretion a lot of adrenaline when jumping bungee jumping

In the 40 years since the emergence of this sport, many records have been set in the world, including jumping from a height of 250 meters, which is very remarkable in its kind. This exercise may seem easy at first, but it can seriously challenge a person’s courage and self-confidence.

Spain has the most highlands for bungee jumping in the world and a bridge in South Africa is one of the most exciting bungee jumping in the world. Dubai’s Bungee Jumping is also one of the best.

One of the ways to attract more customers and tourists to the restaurant tower is to install a bungee jumping at the height of the tower, which is very profitable for the investor.

You can also take photos and videos from the moment of the jumps and sell them to your customers and the more profit is your tourism complex and amusement tower, which Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company will help you with.


If you are an adrenaline junkie, do not hesitate to experience bungee jumping, throw yourself from the top down and throw away all your negative emotions and energies and enjoy the scenery.

The only motivation for doing bungee jumping is not excitement, but many athletes who have stress to participate in competitions before the competition using bungee jumping to relieve stress and participate in competitions with imaginary easier.

So if you want to succeed in your profession, if you want to make big decisions or if you want to have a happy and healthy mood by eliminating worries, we offer you bungee jumping. Of course, before doing this exercise in designated places, make sure the equipment is safe.

Pasargad Company has been with you, dear investors, in designing, constructing and implementing the most exciting and at the same time most equipped bungee jumping platforms, so that in addition to earning a great income, you can enjoy the excitement of this sport.

Have you ever tried this activity?

Pasargad Company is one of the leading companies in the field of design, structural calculations, construction and execution of bungee jumping in the restaurant tower, relying on engineering knowledge and world standards.

Below are load some beautiful videos of bungee jumping.

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