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floating cinema

It’s time to forget about watching movies on the big screens of ordinary cinemas and think of a cinema in the middle of the water.

Sitting on floating chairs and watching a movie in a place where there is water around is very attractive and admirable for everyone. The floating cinema project has been implemented in one or two countries of West Asia and is one of the most unique tourist entertainment projects in the world. Pasargad Company, considering the most standard methods in the world, is able to implement this project in the waters of our country, which undoubtedly attracts many people to watch movies in floating cinemas.

floating cinema
floating cinema
floating cinema

Floating cinema is one of the most pristine projects with high profitability

Floating cinema can be performed in two modes. The first mode on the water and the second mode on the beach.

Floating cinema on water consists of several floating seats and cinema screens. The chair is made of plastic with a lower density than water and is fastened to other chairs by underwater ropes and fixed so that it does not move. These chairs are placed in front of a movie screen that is fixed to the sea floor by bases.

Transportation and reception of people to the floating cinema can be done by boat and all electrical installations are safely connected from underwater to its power supply on the beach.

Lighting at night also doubles the appeal of this particular cinema.

floating cinema
floating cinema

Floating cinema, a dream place at night to watch your favorite movie

In the second case, and for the time when it is not possible to create a cinema on the water, building a cinema on the beach or by the water is not without merit. Watching the movie with the sound of the sea waves and the cool breeze of the sea is very enjoyable.

floating cinema
floating cinema

Beach cinema with sea view and soothing sound of its waves

Undoubtedly, this will be a unique project that has not been implemented in Iran so far, and its very high income can be predicted even now There are various cinemas with special designs in all parts of the world, but cinema on the water or on the beach can be a special and different project because many people are willing to go to such a beautiful and special place and cost pay a lot.

Water cinema or beach cinema can be one of the dreamiest and luxurious entertainments for any person and in our country also, becuse of the lakes and the ocean, the bed for the construction of these dream cinemas is provided.

Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company is ready to cooperate with esteemed investors, by using the most up-to-date methods of constructing special structures and floating structures on the water.

Like the picture below, a luxury, dreamy and cozy cinema can be built in the beautiful lakes of Iran Consider how different your project can be, and specific and different projects will always be welcomed by the public.

Pasargad Company is a leading company in the field of design, structural calculations, construction and execution of floating cinemas, relying on engineering knowledge and world standards.

Below are shown beautiful videos from the floating cinema.

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