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concert hall

A place where music and singing groups perform their program live with full audio and video facilities and lighting, examples of which can be seen in the pictures.

concert hall
concert hall

View of the interior of some concert halls

One of the floors of a restaurant tower can be dedicated to concert halls. The capacity and area of concert halls depends on the area and the capital spent on building a tower. It is crucial to build a concert hall in the right place. For example, building a concert hall on the floor of a tower can be an incentive to attract people.

There are definitely many people who wish to attend the concerts of their favorite singers in special and luxurious concert halls.

The presence of a concert hall in a tower creates a very special and pleasant atmosphere. Also, all-glass walls, with a 360-degree view, give guests a beautiful view.

Although the income and regular customers of concert halls are not hidden from anyone, but the existence of a very special and beautiful concert hall at a high height with a unique view, encourages everyone to attend such a place.


The most important advantages of a concert hall built in a restaurant tower compared to a concert hall built on the ground floor:

Beautiful high-altitude view, glass elevator (which can be one of the attractive tools)


Dear investors, by building a hall, in addition to having a more complete collection, they can also have more income:

Profit from serving all kinds of snacks, drinks and … .

Renting a hall to music groups, individual and group singers and the like

Offering filming services, ticket sales and the like

Sale of VIP seats

concert hall
concert hall

View of the interior of large concert halls

Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company is one of the best in designing the most modern and beautiful concert halls in Iran.

The people of our country have shown great interest in art and music for many years, and this can be clearly seen in the reception of various concerts and performances. Therefore, investing in the construction of a concert hall, for holding general or specialized music, local or classical, will definitely bring a lot of profit and progress.

Aria Gostar Pasargad Company is designer and builder of various concert halls, including: classical music hall, opera hall, rock music hall, dance and pop music hall, and can also provide the equipment needed for street concerts.

We believe that success and progress are never accidental, but only through careful planning and proper investment.

concert hall
concert hall

A modern hall with stage and performance design in the center, which is really beautiful

Pasargad Company is one of the superior companies in the field of design, structural calculations and building concert halls construction in Iran and around the world, relying on modern world standards as well as engineering knowledge.

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