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In this section, we have tried to answer the common questions that exist in the minds of our esteemed customers (who refer to this website).

Pasargad Company was established by Engineer Saeed Safari with the aim of designing, constructing and implementing special recreational, tourism and development projects. To date, Pasargad Company has been one of the best and most important companies in the field of special projects. Pasargad Company has started the implementation of the best and highest quality construction projects and its goal is to build innovative and creative restaurants, buildings and hotels that are in the eyes of the people new, special and luxurious places so that investors can benefit from it and become a tourist hub in their city. Aerial restaurants, diamond restaurants (Glass floor restaurants), sliding restaurants, zip line, bungee jumping and suspended bridge are the examples of special projects of Pasargad Company. Investors and those who want to launch specific and innovative projects can implement their ideas by any of the products and ideas of the website by the Pasargad Company and make a lot of benefit. In addition, they will become a brand in their city with a special project. Pasargad Company has many potentials in design, construction and implementation and will stay with them with these potentials. We complete the project by providing the best engineering services in any field.
Costs vary. (Because, capacity, height, material, design and … are different) therefore, the capital required depends on the investor or the buyer. For example; glass floor restaurant can be built with different substructure. From 100 square meters of substructure to more than 1000 square meters of substructure (twain glass restaurants). The higher the height, it has a better view for guests. Also, the quality of the material used can reduce or increase the cost of construction. For example, in elevators, equipment brands and consumables can be very effective in price.
There are two categories of licenses that must be obtained for the operation of projects. The first group are licenses that must obtained by the project owner. These permits are usually related to the land where the construction project will be implemented. Including land use permit from the municipality, structure height permit and the like. These permits vary depending on the location of the project. For example, if the project site is close to military sites, the landowner must obtain a permit before construction from them. The second category is the licenses that Pasargad Company obtains in term of technical issues and project construction. This includes standard, fire department, welding approval, engineering system and so on.
Some Pasargad’s products are taken from the world’s latest designs and others are the work of engineers in the company R & D department. Many of these ideas have not even been implemented in the world and are very pristine and new. Pasargad Company can implement these ideas by using its high ability (with the best quality anywhere in the world. Products made by the company or projects under construction can be seen in the website icons (in the project section).
Some of Pasargad’s products have been patented and industrialized. The company undertakes not to implement project options for anyone else in that city (provided that the exclusive right is paid, in a limited time, with the ability to extend) so that the investor in that city is unrivaled and makes money. But for products that are not patented or cannot be registered, the company commits which implement these options only for the party to the contract.
If the investor has an idea or plan in mind that was not on Pasargad’s company product list, the company can provide a better and more complete proposal (by making possible changes) by examining it.
Due to the specific and sensitive nature of the projects, the company provides warranty and after-sales service for at least 10 years. After the operation of the project, the company performs monthly inspections. Also depending on the type of project and its different parts, the warranty period is specified.
Yes, if the investor wants to do feasibility study to choose the best idea for the project construction site, it is possible. This is done by Pasargad Company in exchange for payment and in case of contract the amount will be returned to the investor.
Experience shows, most people who invest in recreation or restaurant projects have no experience in these jobs and they come to this profession only out of personal interest or interest in a prestigious job. Most of them are tired of their current job despite having a good income and are looking for a business where they can become a brand and have an exciting job. In addition to implementing 100% of the projects, Pasargad Company, with its support and after-sales service, solves the investors’ concerns about launching the projects.
Project site land varies greatly depending on the type of project and its capacity. But the most important concern for investors is the preparation of the project land, and knowing how much land is needed to carry out the project. Buying land is definitely the best possible form, but it’s difficult because it imposes a high cost on the investor. We suggest that investors co-partner with different individuals or bodies to provide land. By choosing the best place to implement a project and co-partner with government or semi-government individuals or organizations or by renting land, the investor will not have to buy land. Contractual modes such as (but) and (bult) are also items that can be negotiated with individuals or organizations. (but) means that the investor invests in another person’s land (individual or organization) at his own expense and build the project and after 10 years, he can pay a small rent (bult) or not, depending on the type of contract.
Relying on expert personnel, Pasargad Company has the ability to implement projects anywhere in the world. The company conducts the project in the best possible way by studying and researching the standards and rules of the country (and authoritative international guidelines for design) where the project is being implemented. The project will be delivered on the nearest Iranian border. The cost of transportation, insurance and customs of Iran and the destination country will be borne by the investor. After the transfer of equipment (and if the investor requests) Pasargad Company’s forces will be present for concreting and installation at the project site.

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