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Banquet Hall

A hall, or more precisely termed, a banquet hall, is a grand and spacious venue crafted for hosting a variety of formal ceremonies and gatherings, such as wedding receptions, parties, family reunions, and similar occasions.

Its primary function is to host wedding receptions, as demonstrated by the pictures provided below.


An image depicting the interior of a banquet hall.

A banquet hall is among the low-thrill amenities situated within the floors of restaurant towers. Its size and capacity are inherently tied to the dimensions of the tower itself and the financial investment allocated to its construction.

Undoubtedly, a lofty banquet hall that provides an ideal venue for weddings, celebrations, private gatherings, and beyond, serves as a vital attraction to entice customers.


Hall on the floors of restaurant towers

Organizing a wedding reception involves arranging various settings and amenities, each with its own considerations. With the abundance of banquet halls in urban areas and their competitive offerings, opting for an exceptional venue is key. It should not only meet the standard requirements but also offer additional allure and amenities beyond the ordinary.

Pasargad Company assists valued customers in securing the finest and most lucrative banquet halls within their city or country. This is achieved by designing lavish halls atop restaurant towers and offering the specialized services outlined below.

Certainly, numerous individuals aspire to host their weddings or grand parties in exclusive and opulent venues. The inclusion of a banquet hall within a restaurant tower fosters a uniquely delightful ambiance. Moreover, the incorporation of all-glass walls, affording a 360-degree panoramic view, offers guests a breathtaking vista.

While the earnings and regular clientele of banquet halls are common knowledge, the existence of an extraordinarily exquisite banquet hall situated at an elevated height with a distinctive view serves as a compelling invitation for everyone to explore such a venue.


Here are the key advantages of a restaurant tower hall over traditional ground-level banquet halls:

1. Elevated Location: The hall is situated at a high altitude with a stunning 360-degree glass facade.

2. Glass Elevators: Costumers ascend to the hall using glass elevators, adding to the unique experience.


By incorporating a banquet hall as a fundamental amenity within the restaurant tower, investors not only expand the range of facilities but also can benefit from additional revenue opportunities, such as:

1. Generating income from food and beverage services

2. Providing exclusive features of the restaurant tower for weddings, such as glass and aerial restaurants, transferring the wedding car to the banquet hall via a glass elevator, and in exceptional cases, even arranging helicopter transport to the tower helipad.

3. Offering specialized wedding services like table arrangement, floral design, videography, and more.

Entrepreneurs and potential investors eyeing lucrative ventures in tourism and restaurant sectors can capitalize on the opportunity by incorporating banquet halls of varying capacities and functionalities within restaurant towers situated in key tourist destinations and entertainment hubs across Iran. This strategic move promises significant returns on investment.

Pasargad Company stands out as a leading company specializing in design, structural analysis, and banquet hall construction, both domestically in Iran and globally. Committed to adhering to modern global standards and leveraging cutting-edge engineering expertise, Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company is your trusted partner in realizing your ideal, enchanting space.


An interior view of banquet halls transformed for wedding receptions

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