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food court

A food court is a place where is usually created in shopping malls or chain stores or large buildings and towers, where a variety of restaurants and fast foods with an acceptable variety of food are served in the public hall. Customers refer to one of them according to their taste and register their order.

food court
food court

An example of food court implementation in recreational and commercial centers

The purpose of creating food courts is to facilitate and expedite the preparation and serving of food. The variety of food courts is large enough to meet different tastes.

The first food court opened at mall of Paramus Park in New Jersey.

Food courts have been set up in Iran for several years.

The food courts of Milad Tower, Palladium, Enghelab Club, Negin Zafar, Alaeddin, Megamal and the like are among the most famous food courts in Iran.

Food court can be constructed on the floors of a restaurant tower. The capacity and area of a food court depends on the dimensions and amount of capital to build the tower. Definitely, the existence of a food court in high height with recreational uses, play space, temperature control and architectural improvement or simply as a green area, etc. is one of the most important motivating tools to attract customers.

It is noteworthy that to design and successful implement a food court in Iran; you must pay attention to all health standards, places and unions and apply these standards in the design, construction and operation of food courts and restaurant complexes. Pasargad Company with Successful projects throughout Iran is well aware of the latest standards in the world in the design of food courts and applies these standards in all its projects.

Today, starting a food court has become one of the most popular and profitable jobs that many people are eager for. These people include both business owners and people who come to these centers as customers. Therefore, food courts are beneficial for both groups, which include customers and food court owners. Of course, starting this work requires a lot of investment, and in addition to the budget, a lot of research and studies should be done in this field to find the best, most appropriate and optimal method of implementation. With its experience, Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company can help all people who intend to set up food courts in designing and manufacturing high-income and special food courts.

food court
food court

View of a food court in a restaurant tower

There are definitely many people who like to have a meal in a special and magnificent food court. The location of the food court in the restaurant tower is a very special and pleasant place and gives a great view to the guests.

The presence of a food court in a tower creates a very special and pleasant atmosphere.

Also, all-glass walls, with a 360-degree view, give guests a beautiful view. Although the income and regular customers of food courts are not hidden from anyone, but the existence of a very special and beautiful food court at a high height with a unique view, encourages everyone to attend such a place.


The most important advantages of a food court built in a restaurant tower compared to a food court built on the ground floor:

Beautiful high-altitude view, glass elevator (which can be one of the attractive tools)


Dear investors, by building a food court, in addition to having a more complete collection, they can also have more income.

Profit from serving food, drinks and so on

Renting food court booths to food brands

Pasargad Company is ready to cooperate and build food courts with attractive environments for commercial centers and commercial complexes.

food court
food court

An example of a food court in entertainment and commercial centers

Dear investor, you can have the most beautiful and well-equipped food court in your complex and store with the trust and cooperation of Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company, which always seeks to offer the best designs.

Having such a pleasant and luxurious place in commercial complexes is not so difficult and Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company will help you in the implementation of this project with the lowest cost.

food court
food court

An example of a food court in entertainment and commercial centers

Pasargad Company is a leading company in the field of design, structural calculations, construction and implementation of food courts in Iran and the world, relying on engineering knowledge and world standards.

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