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suspended aerial restaurant

The suspended aerial restaurant is made of a plate structure on which guests can sit, and after fastening the belt, they are lifted by a crane and suspended at a height of forty meters and a meal is served while guests are suspended in the restaurant.

At the same time as the restaurant is lifted by a crane, the ordered food that is placed in the electric heater is heated.

These days, one of the most attractive and modern projects today is the construction of a suspended-aerial restaurant, which can even be considered as a tourist attraction and a completely profitable and purposeful business for investors.

Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company is the first engineering company in Iran that designed and implemented this project in Shandiz village of Mashhad.

suspended aerial restaurant
suspended aerial restaurant

Suspended air restaurant performed in Shandiz village of Mashhad by Pasargad Company.

Suspended aerial restaurants were first invented by Belgium and exported to 50 countries around the world, including Turkey, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, all European countries.

Suspended aerial restaurants has been welcomed in all around the world. According to ISNA, when a suspended aerial restaurant opened in Saudi Arabia, it attracted many tourists to Jeddah and earned a lot of money for the openers, competing with the city’s hotels in terms of revenue.

In general, suspended air restaurants have been built in the form of both as a meeting place and as a lodge.

The type of meeting, as its name implies, is used to hold meetings and lodge restaurants are used for lunch, dinner, supper, private parties, and engagements and so on.

suspended aerial restaurant
suspended aerial restaurant

Picture on the right, suspended aerial lodge restaurant and picture on the left, suspended aerial meeting restaurant

It is noteworthy that the lodge model of this type of restaurant has more applications and income than the meeting model, and of course, its construction is much more complex.

Now, after years of study, planning and calculations, Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company has decided to build the largest and most equipped aerial restaurant in the world and is the second builder of this attractive project in the world.

The designed structure has a capacity of 32 people, 40 meters in length and 10 tons in total weight.

The suspended restaurant moves only in the vertical direction and up and down, ie it has no lateral and rotating movement.The movement is so slow that the occupants never feel it. This process can be done several times.This restaurant, built by Iran’s engineers, is the most equipped, tallest and largest, suspended aerial restaurant in the world.Belgian restaurant’s capacity is 24 people and Iranian restaurant has a capacity of 32 people; and this advantage causes more income.

It is noteworthy that all over the world, the suspended restaurants are moved by a crane. Using a crane, in addition to being very risky, also has a staggering cost.

Pasargad Company has designed a durable structure similar to a tower that is easy to install and is responsible for moving and keeping the restaurant at a height.

suspended aerial restaurant
suspended aerial restaurant
suspended aerial restaurant
suspended aerial restaurant
suspended aerial restaurant
suspended aerial restaurant

Pictures of suspended restaurants perform by cranes around the world

In addition to lowering costs and increasing profitability, this results in high strength and reliability.

Belgian-made restaurants do not have any heating equipment, but Pasargad’s aerial restaurant uses 34 heating devices, which enable the restaurant to operate even on the coldest days of the year.

In Iranian-made restaurants, a food heater is designed to hold 40 meals.

The presence of this heater makes it possible to serve any type of food, including kebabs, Iranian dishes and so on. While in the Belgian aerial-suspended restaurant, only short desserts are served due to the lack of heaters.

All tools, equipment and accessories of the desired structure are standard and made by experienced and specialized engineers.

The type of belt and the overall service structure of the Iranian structure is much richer than that made in Belgium.

All equipment installed on the structure is electric for extra safety and was not used gas cylinders or flammable materials.

Suspended air restaurant is operated in some countries of the world, but because its lifting system is a crane and the crane is only allowed to carry dead cargo, the Standard Organization of Iran does not issue a license to operate this type of restaurant.

Pasargad Company opened a suspended aerial restaurant by crane in Shandiz, Mashhad in 2017 on a trial basis, and in the following years, it was able to upgrade its lifting system and implement it with much higher quality and safety than cranes.

Currently, the suspended aerial restaurant operates in Iran and other countries by balance weight systems and a central shaft system.

Suspended aerial restaurants of Isfahan, Chalidreh, Las Vegas and Dubai are among the suspended air restaurants that are operating in and outside the country and are among the luxury and most special restaurants in Iran and the world.

The construction of this restaurant, which took place for the first time in the Middle East, marked another revolution in the construction of tourist and special structures in the country.

Today, we are proud to announce that Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company has registered the production and execution of this structure in its name using its high knowledge and experience and continuous efforts.

The chart below is an expert classification of different types of aerial restaurants.

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