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glass restaurant

Glass Floor Restaurant is one of the most popular and exciting restaurants that attracts many tourists and visitors and brings a lot of excitement to them.

The glass floor of this type of restaurant and coffee shops has turned them into the most beautiful restaurants in the world.

Pasargad Company offers the construction of a glass floor restaurant to dear investors. Because these types of restaurants can attract, many tourists who like to experience new and beautiful places.

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Pictures of a glass floor restaurant in a restaurant tower

Some floors of the restaurant tower can be assigned to glass restaurants, the floor of which is made of unbreakable and bulletproof glass.

Because of the need to calculate accurately and the price of materials, building glass restaurants require sufficient skill and experience. Pasargad Company is ready to cooperate with investors to build glass restaurants by its experts and experience.

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View of a glass floor restaurant in a restaurant tower

Recently, due to the increasing interest in the use of Securite glass in villas, offices and commercial centers, the construction of glass structures, especially glass floors, has increased sharply.

Having a standard place with a glass floor requires standard infrastructure. Glass floor can be made with ultra-transparent glass laminated with talc (Talc between glass does not reduce the transparency of glass)

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Unique view of a glass floor restaurant in a restaurant tower

Walls, ceilings and floors play a very important role in the beauty of the environment. Glass flooring is one of the new and amazing ideas in interior design.

Seven advantages of using a glass floor:

In the following section, we have mentioned seven advantages of using glass flooring:

1- Beauty:

The beauty of an environment depends a lot on the outdoor space. Seeing the outside view and passages and entering the light inside the building is the most obvious advantage of glass structures. Now, if this glass is placed between two floors, it will be possible to see the outside space and provide light for interior spaces, and the result is the beauty of the environment.

2- High safety:

The issue of safety is the first priority in the implementation of any structure.

Some designers may be concerned about the use of glass in structures, but with the advancement of technology and science, new materials have been developed, such as laminated glass, which are impact-resistant, waterproof and fire-resistant. so when it comes to today’s glass structures, glass can be considered even safer than structures made of other materials.

3- Large insulation:

People looking for a sustainable architectural style design should not be unaware of this advantage of glass because glass is a poor conductor of heat and therefore a relatively good insulator. Glass flooring with laminating or double glazing technique retains heat in the room and saves a lot of energy.

4- Variety in dimensions:

One of the biggest advantages of glass flooring is that it can be made to any shape and size. Compared to similar materials, it has more flexibility and complex shapes can be provided much more easily with glass or its sub-products and can be used anywhere in a structure.

5- Ease of cleaning

Another great advantage of using glass flooring is that it is very easy to clean. You can easily and with the simplest washing materials and have a shiny glass floor at any time of the day or night.

6- Light passing:

Glass flooring can be a great help to brighten the interior space, and make the interior look bigger. For closed spaces where we cannot provide the required light from any direction, using of glass flooring is the best solution for this problem.

7- Economic efficiency:

Due to the installation time and weight of glass compared to other similar items as well as its maintenance and easy cleaning, it is very significant in terms of economic efficiency.

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Interior view of a glass floor restaurant in a restaurant tower

Attractive glass floors are easy to clean and ultimately save you money. glass floors are very beautiful and pleasant and can turn any dark and room into a light and stylish area.

If you are looking for an impressive design in your surroundings, whether residential, commercial, entertainment and the like, nothing can be more effective than glass flooring.

It is noteworthy that the design and construction of glass floors is not only for restaurants, but also for houses, special hotels or even entertainment centers and towers can be done attractive designs with glass.

Pasargad Company is a leading company in the field of design, structural calculations, construction and execution of glass floor restaurant in the restaurant towers, relying on engineering knowledge and world standards.

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