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suspended by derrick

As mentioned in the previous articles, the operation of an aerial restaurant (suspended) by a crane is not allowed in Iran.

The most important reason is the control of the crane by manpower and the possibility of error in it.

After years of research in this field, Pasargad Company designed a mechanical system similar to an elevator system, which can be used to run an aerial restaurant (suspended) by a derrick and this system can be run much safer.

This means that with a high-strength, high-strength derrick, it takes guests to the sky to enjoy their meals near the clouds.

In addition to greater security, this system is much less expensive than cranes and is produced in Iran.

The mechanical system instills exactly the feeling of suspension in the guests and is no different from the crane in terms of use.

While the structure of the aerial restaurant is suspended near the ground, the guests sit on a chair and, after fastening their seat belts, go very slowly to a height of 40 meters, and at a height of forty meters, the waiters entertain them.

The difference between this system and the crane is that in it, manpower is not directly involved and human error is avoided and the system is intelligent mechanical under the supervision of trained and experienced technicians; Takes control of the suspended aerial Restaurant.

Pasargad Company is proud to have successfully implemented this basic and mechanical system in Isfahan for the first time in the world in 2018.

suspended by derrick
suspended by derrick

Implementation of aerial restaurant (suspended) by derrick for the first time in the world by Pasargad company.

This is an experience that Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company has targeted for fulfillment of your dreams and is ready to cooperate with esteemed investors in this field.

Pasargad Company is a leading company in the field of design, structural calculations, construction and implementation of suspended restaurants by derricks, relying on engineering knowledge and world standards.

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