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Revolving and stationary cabin restaurant

The idea of revolving and stationary cabin restaurants can be pivotal in attracting tourists to your city. Pasargad Company is prepared to assist you in the design and construction of these remarkable structures.

The restaurant comprises multiple cabins accommodating two, four, or even larger groups, which can be installed atop a restaurant tower in both revolving and stationary configurations.

In the stationary configuration, guests enter a cabin and place their food orders from the menu, which are then taken by a waiter.

However, in the revolving variant, cabins are mounted on rails and revolve at a leisurely pace, providing guests with a panoramic 360-degree view.


Rail-mounted Cabin Restaurant atop the Restaurant Tower

Guests can ascend to the cabins via glass elevators within the restaurant tower, where they can dine and savor the unparalleled views from a lofty vantage point. Additionally, waiters can easily navigate through the cabins to serve food, ensuring a seamless dining experience.


Food service in various cabin restaurants situated high atop a restaurant tower.

Investing in cabin restaurants can prove to be a lucrative opportunity, as they draw in numerous customers and can become one of the premier tourist attractions within a restaurant tower complex, offering a blend of safety, profitability, and popularity.

Designing and constructing a cabin restaurant represents a distinctive and highly specialized project, one in which Aria Gostar Pasargad Khavaran Company is well-equipped to provide strong support and extensive experience.

The construction and installation of cabin restaurants, featuring exquisite decor design and lighting, can also emerge as a favored venue for family gatherings. Moreover, the size, type, and design of the cabins can be customized according to the investor’s preferences.


An example of a cabin used in these restaurants

Pasargad Company stands at the forefront of the industry, specializing in the design, structural calculations, construction, and implementation of cabin restaurants within restaurant towers. Our approach hinges on engineering expertise and adherence to global standards.

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