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salt structures

Air vitamin (the negative ions of salt)

Some branches of modern science that study the vital energies of all objects and phenomena in the universe and are very much in line with Eastern sciences (Oriental wisdom, temperament ology, yoga and the like) have proven The high level of vital energy of salt, such as the vital energy of the sun, can give humans significant energy.

vital energy is one of the concepts in Oriental medicine and yoga, which refers to the energy taken from the sun and the connection of the cosmic elements around the sun. In the temperament ology topics of Bu Ali Sina medicine in Iran, all objects, human mental states and everything that exists in the universe, has its own temperament and in the logic of this science, the closer the harmony of the temperaments of objects, the greater and better the harmony of the physical energies.

In the culture of temperament, things like the sun, salt, peace, love and happiness are all hot and dry that they are called bilious science and if a person is in a salty environment, due to the agreement of temperament, the amount of her mental and spiritual energy will increase greatly.

It is easy to live in today’s world with electronic facilities and devices such as microwaves, televisions, mobile phones, computer and the like, but this comfortable life will be difficult and dangerous when the use of these devices disturbs the balance of ions around us.

Diseases caused by the imbalance of one or more inorganic salts in the body due to the increase of positive ions created by these devices, is a problem that has occupied the human mind. The salt crystal restores the body’s natural frequency to its original state of equilibrium by producing negative ions and creating ionic balance.

Negative ion emission is a unique feature of rock salt. Scientifically, the equilibrium of the dipole electromagnetic field of the human brain is carried out by negative ions. In quantum science, these negative ions are called “air vitamins”.


Salt spaces, a place to get positive energy

What is salt therapy?

Pure medical salt is usually a killer of bacteria and germs. Salt therapy is one of the new and natural treatments that is useful not only for the skin and respiration, but also for many diseases due to its relaxing effect, therefore, people are advised to use salt therapy in salt caves to benefit from its beneficial effects.


Salt therapy in salt caves, soothing and healing people

There are two types of salt therapy:

Speleotherapy : In this type of treatment, the patient is exposed to natural salts, such as mineral salts or cave salts that are underground. Underground conditions are very good and favorable for treatment. Salt caves are very common in Europe. Salt masses have been stored in caves for thousands of years, and many of these caves are used to house people with respiratory illnesses.


Salt therapy by speleotherapy

Halotherapy: Halotherapy is a salt treatment that can reduce a number of bad conditions in the body. If you suffer from asthma, allergies, respiratory problems and even COPD, you may be a good candidate for salt treatment.

This type of treatment is performed in a controlled environment using salt, not in natural places such as caves or mines. In this treatment method, a salt room, a salt machine or a salt spray in the air can be used. With the push of a button, salt crystals are inhaled as salt in the air or in salt tubes. Salt lamps are also used to intensify the effect of mine salt and also, some patients drink soluble salt to treat respiratory problems.


Salt therapy by halotherapy

Breathing in salt air is done with two methods of dry and wet treatment:

Dry method:

In the dry method, a salt generator (halo generator) is used in a cave or room without moisture and The temperature of the cave or room is 20 degrees Celsius and preferably cool. The generator disperses the powdered salt particles into the air.

Negative ions of salt absorb toxic and destructive substances from the respiratory system by reducing inflammation of the airways. In addition, placing the patient in this space for 30-45 minutes increases the hormone of happiness in the body and it also reduces stress.

wet method:

The wet method, as its name implies, is associated with water. In this method, the salt is evaporated by the device and sprayed in the air. Gargling with salt water, drinking salt water, showering with salt water, using salt water for nasal discomfort and floating salt water tanks are used in the wet method.

Just Breathe!

Salt therapy is the laboratory use of salt in the treatment of disease and it does not use any drugs or chemicals and patients are not supposed to do anything special, it is enough to sit and just breathe.

Salt therapy is completely safe for children and even infants, and as expected, children recover faster.


Salt therapy for children and even infants in a suitable environment

Properties of salt therapy:

Some say salt is a white poison. It is true that if consumed in excess, it is worse than poison, but these tips are about eating salt, not breathing it! Some experts say that breathing salt is good for the lungs and can help treat asthma, stress and depression.

Decorations with salt and all kinds of salt structures become very valuable and important for us when we know what strange and unique properties of rock salt have:

Both types of salt, whether sea salt or rock salt, are useful for some diseases, such as; Pain with swelling and bruising, anxiety and irritability, inflammation of the respiratory tract, coughing from smoking, colds and flu, snoring, skin diseases, allergic reactions to air pollution, chronic stress and unexplained fatigue, inflammation and treatment Infections such as ear infections, eczema, acne, dermatitis and psoriasis.

The release of negative ions also regulates heart rate, adrenal and thyroid glands, strengthens the immune system, nervous system, lymph nodes, affects the level of cell activity, detoxifies and improves digestion, regulates energy and blood sugar levels, improves mood and Provides the minerals needed by the body.


The countless benefits of salt spaces for human health

Have you heard about the positive energy of rock salt?

Despite its name, rock salt has very different physical and chemical behaviors from other rocks; One of the properties of rock salt is the release of negative ions from the rock surface. Just as hydrogen bonds make the properties of water unique among all liquids, so the release of negative ions by rock salt makes this rock special and unique among all other rocks.

recent researches showed that shining salt particles can be one of the natural source of creating ions (Charged particles). When the sun shines on these rocks, a special energy is created in these rocks.

Even sunlight on translucent salt crystals creates such natural energy. Although this ionization process is not visible to the naked eye, it happens millions of times without changing the quality of the salt crystal. Just like photosynthesis and the production of oxygen by plants.

Salt crystals are one of the few minerals whose atomic structure is electrical rather than molecular so that salt crystals can constantly change from crystalline to liquid and vice versa.

Today, quantum science, modern biology, and bioresonance have proven that such natural ionization and the abundance of negative ions in the environment create an electric charge that balances the electromagnetic field of the human brain’s dipoles. This phenomenon, balances the electromagnetic field of the dipole of the human brain and also This phenomenon, creates a sense of calm, expansion, and tangible vitality in people who are exposed to negative ion sprays.
A similar condition in nature is the relaxation of humans near the beach, waterfall or desert, which is due to the abundance of negative ions (which have been introduced in scientific articles air vitamins) in these places.

Of course, negative ions have another interesting property; When they attach to air pollutants, they recharge them and place them on the ground or on the first surface close to the particles as a result, the air inside the rooms remains completely sterile and clean.


Absorption of positive energy in salt rooms

Why is releasing negative ions so important?

When you realize that the human brain normally produces waves at a speed of 8 Hz, you realize the importance of negative ions in the environment, while, in the modern world and the age of technology today, the waves generated by electrical and electromagnetic equipment such as televisions, computer equipment, mobile phones, satellites, the Internet, etc. are about 100 to 160 Hz.

Therefore, our brain is exposed to waves that are estimated to be 12 to 20 times stronger than our brain, the result is to be nervousness, insomnia, decreased concentration, fatigue, decreased energy levels, stress, anxiety, irritability, weakened immune system and high blood pressure. In addition to the accumulation of positive ions in the environment, a stream of free radicals is created that can lead to cancer in man body.

On the other hand, the spaces homes and offices are designed in such a way that the least amount of fresh air and negative ions enters them!

Also, the windows are small, and the air pollution, as well as the high traffic of electromagnetic waves in the big cities, has filled even the air outside the house with positive ions. Negative ions can not only have a positive effect on balancing our brain, but can also statically attach to airborne particles such as dust, mold, microbial particles and other pollutants and allergens and make them charged, as a result, suspended particles fall to the ground due to charging.

Precisely for this reason, in order to maintain the cleanliness of the air in the salt rooms, their floors need to be cleaned from time to time in order to be ready to accept the pollutants in the room again and clean the air.

The easiest and cheapest way to deal with the negative effects of indoor environments is to let fresh air into homes and other indoor environments, However, this method is not possible despite severe air pollution, especially in large cities.

This has led many researchers to use other methods to reduce air pollution and increase its quality, and finally recommend the use of rock salt to people who like to create a beautiful atmosphere in the environment and the air in the house.

Some of the properties of brightly colored salt crystals can be summarized as follows:

Orange crystal: This type of rock salt enhances the feeling of security in humans and is very beneficial for the nervous system and calms the mood, regulates the mood and facilitates urination.

Yellow crystal: this type of crystal activates the pancreas in the body and increases the intellect.

Red crystal: this type crystal speeds up blood flow and also increases mobility.

Pink crystal: It increases the feeling of cooperation and love, and in general, it causes people’s feelings.

White crystal: It has the property of cleaning and removing carbon dioxide in the place of living and working.

Brown crystal: Helps to create or strengthen a sense of balance in the soul and body of people.

History of salt therapy: Salt has always had a very important place in human life throughout the history of civilization, and accordingly, throughout history, salt has been used as a natural healing agent.

Historical records show that in ancient Greece, people who worked in salt mines realized that, unlike others, they were less likely to suffer from respiratory problems as well as mental illness (which seems to have been the case at the time Has been very common). That is, it was the Greeks who first discovered the effectiveness of salt in treating respiratory problems. So why their words were not proved and no one believed them, goes back to the superstition of the ancient people, which partly effected with their real research.

Evidence shows that salt caves in the 11th to 15th centuries BC had very positive therapeutic effects.

Even the religious monks, with their sermons, led the sick people into these caves so that their patients could breathe the air mixed with the suspended particles of salt. These suspended particles are formed by scratching salt stalactites.

Treatments of hypochlorite in 460 BC included the continued use of salt, and strongly recommended that inhaling salt vapor can be helpful in relieving respiratory symptoms. Of course, the benefits of salt therapy are mentioned in a book written in 1843 by Dr. Felix Borowski of Polish descent.

Salt men and salt corpses thousands of years old found in salt mines indicate that people from different regions with different customs and coverings walked several miles to achieve the “white gold” of that time, salt.

As science progressed and giant machines were designed, as well as salt factories increased, the price of salt fell so much that salt became a cheap condiment, and today at least 100 to 200 grams of salt are found in every dining table. Salt, once called white gold, was called white poison with its high consumption and discovery of its harms.

In modern times, for the first time, the Nazi German army realized the extraordinary properties of salt caves, which is why the army kept its soldiers in these salt caves for several days before the operation to keep them in good spirits. But how and on what basis the Germans knew about the salt-breathing properties is still unclear. After that, it was silenced and the results were not leaked.

Because salt caves were the first places to help people breathe better, they created a great solution for entering the medical field. Natural sodium chloride that penetrates the air reduces inflammation in the airways Like caves discovered in Poland, Russia, Romania, Austria and Ukraine. These are just a few of the countries that have these natural resources. That is why Europe, as a medical treatment, and the Russians, especially in the late 1980s, were at the forefront of halo therapy, because they pioneered the use of salt to treat respiratory problems in a clinical setting.

Until 1987, the use of underground salt caves was the only available method, until a new method was developed in Russia and the first salt room was built by inspiring salt caves. The rooms were built at the end of a clinic inspired by salt mines.

In addition, the Russian Minister of Public Health approved halo therapy in 1990 as a valid medical treatment that gave considerable credibility to aerated dry salt chambers.

From 2009 onwards, European countries set up salt rooms and began research. Unfortunately, the researchers did not leak the results of this research anywhere.
These few countries (the United States and Canada) kept their papers and research to themselves, but it is clear from the prevalence of salt rooms in these countries that “salt therapy” was not a superstition.

Salt treatment rooms are designed to simulate salt caves. The more people discover its benefits, the more these therapies spread around the world. The more people discover its benefits, the more these therapies spread around the world.

So far, no research has been done on salt therapy in our country, but the people of Zanjan have just started researching and took the initiative to research salt therapy themselves.


An example of a salt place

What is rock salt?

Salt rock, also known as halite, is the mineral sodium chloride (NaCl). The Salinity, radiance and dry smell are the characteristics of an original rock salt. Although rock salt is often colorless or white, since, like many other minerals, it contains some impurities, depending on the type and amount of this impurity, colored rock salts are also found in nature.

Snow White Salt rock: Contains lime and lead gypsum

Yellow and orange rock salt: Contains sulfur

Black rock salt: Contains calcium

Red salt rock: contains iron

Also, whether these colors are bold or light depends on the density of these impurities in the rock salt. Stones in nature transmit light non-uniformly and have a variety of colors that give indescribable beauty to natural structures.

Applications of rock salt:

Salt rock is used in three fields: food, decorative and industrial, Decorative salt rock are also used for their healing. The applications and uses of rock salt are very wide. The following are three main uses of this material:

Edible salt:

Salt rock is actually the primary form of extracted salt. After packaging and processing, this rock salt may be marketed for food. Iodine may also be added to table salt processing. Of course, salt extracted from the sea naturally contains large amounts of the element iodine.

Industrial salt:

In addition to food, salt rock is also used in various industries. In fact, the survival of industries is impossible without the use of this valuable mineral. Industrial salt is used in various cases like tonnage, Acidification, Production of sanitary and detergents, Preparation of livestock and poultry feed, Glass production, polyester production, Plastics and resin products production.

Healing properties of salt rock:

Rock salt is a substance with amazing healing properties, the whole mystery of which lies in the negative ions emitted from it. These tiny charged particles have a tremendous effect on increasing blood flow to the brain, which in turn increases a person’s level of consciousness and reduces boredom and drowsiness. In addition, the negative ions emitted from rock salt are an important factor in reducing allergies due to their ability to absorb microbes and airborne contaminants. The unique therapeutic properties of salt stone have made its use increasing both in decorative and ornamental forms and in a natural and untouched form in residential and work places.


Salt therapy rooms are an example of the use of salt

Use of rock salt in decoration:

Existence of different impurities and conditions for the formation of rock salt, has caused salt rock with different appearance and color to be found in nature. This has led to the use of rock salt to decorate homes and workplaces. Various decorative products such as bedside lamps, salt walls, salt sculptures, etc. are made for this purpose. By buying these products, people both decorate their home or workplace and use the healing properties of rock salt.

Of course, salt rock can be used in beautification not only because of its different and beautiful colors, but also because of its crystalline structure and the fact that it is able to transmit light, it is very useful in beautifying indoor environments. As a result, you can choose the color of the light behind the walls to suit your decoration. Even if you will have needed to change the decoration after a while, you are able to change the color of the lighting with just one control key.


Using salt in decoration

Familiarity with some practical forms of rock salt

The construction and design of the salt room is very simple and you can use the least space to build it. But the important point is that to make this room, salt is the main material and besides that, other tools are needed that must be bought with great care.

Rock salt:

Salt rocks are one of the main and most important choices to build salt structures. You should be very careful in using salt stones, for example, if you plan to use a heating system, choose stones that do not produce toxic gases when heated.

Salt lumps:

Salt lumps are also propering options for designing salt structures that can be used in different numbers in each room. Also, in some ordinary bedrooms, rock salt masses are used as lampshades to take advantage of its properties.

Salt bricks:

It is not possible to use irregularly shaped rock salt in all places. That is why it is necessary to use salt bricks with regular dimensions. But the most important and most common use of salt bricks is in the construction of walls and salt rooms.

Not all types of rock salt can be turned into salt bricks. Standard salt bricks are made from rock salts that have a high density and can be cut. If the rock salt does not have a good density, it will become powdery during cutting or cracks may form inside it after cutting. Standard salt bricks are completely uniform and have standard dimensions.

The thickness of the salt brick depends on its application. Salt bricks that are used in interior decoration and we want light to pass through them, are made with less thickness. The standard dimensions of salt bricks are 5 x 20 x 10, but for better light transmission, salt bricks can be produced in dimensions of 3 x 20 x 10. It should be noted that salt bricks can be produced in sizes of 10 * 10, 20 * 20 and 20 * 30.

Salt bricks are produced in different colors and for this reason it is an attractive accessory in interior decoration. The common color range of salt bricks is white, orange streaked, streaked white, red and brown.

The price of salt bricks depends on many factors. One of the most important factors influencing the price of salt bricks is its quality. The higher the density of the salt rock from which the salt brick is obtained, the better the salt brick obtained. High quality salt bricks should be oblique and hexagonal. The color and type of cut also determine the price of salt bricks.


The use of lighting and salt bricks is one of the most beautiful decoration models

Salt powder:

Sometimes, depending on the employer’s taste and design, you need a special salt to build a salt cave, which you sprinkle on the walls and ceiling, thus creating different volumes and shapes. Sometimes, in order to benefit from salt therapy, salt powder is used on the floor of the salt cave.

In general, designing a salt room in the shape of a salt cave is much more economical than designing a salt room with salt bricks. But each of these rooms has its advantages and the existence of both is necessary.

Compacted layers of salt:

Sometimes compact layers of salt are used to make salt structures, such as the salt layers used in the Shiraz salt restaurant.

What is a salt room?

One of the most interesting issues in the development of science is the harmony between ancient science and modern science, While the people of the past were deprived of modern technology, Both the various experiences of ancient science and new knowledge and technology prove that all beings and objects in the world of creation affect each other in some way.

Humans have long had an inseparable connection with salt. Due to the originality of man’s relationship with nature and its effect on the health of his body and soul, structures of nature can be very useful and effective in creating peace and good feeling in humans. The history of caves and salt mountains on Earth is equal to the history of human life on this planet. One of the first sources that man became acquainted with and knew that his life depended on was salt.

Therefore, countries with more salt resources have long been more powerful, and in many past centuries salt has been as valuable as gold. Salt rooms, or salt walls, or salt halls, or salt caves, etc., are structures in which salt is used. The construction of the salt structure is done after the joinery phase of the building and its complete cleaning from dust, these structures are considered as a kind of interior decoration that have therapeutic effects. The use of this type of structures has become particularly important and has received much attention.


Pictures of salt caves

Whenever modern man returns to nature, he can regain his inner vitality, and old houses made of clay, wood or thatch can help man to communicate with nature.

Salt and rock salt is one of the manifestations of pristine and beautiful nature in the depths of the earth that has been considered by modern man. Unfortunately, modern life does not allow us to use salt caves or salt mines, so we have to build salt rooms or salt caves in areas close to our lives.

Relying on new technologies, such an environment can be created at home to relax in it so that even people who are never able to attend mines (infants, the elderly, the sick, etc.) can easily use these spaces.


Local salt spaces for rest and relaxation of infants, the elderly, patients and …

Edible salts are the same rock salts that are converted into salt powder by interactions and are used only for seasoning, but the salt used in salt therapy must be completely natural and ” being completely naturalness” makes it harder to build a salt room, because Salt rocks should be placed on top of each other to build walls and rooms without the use of glue, cement or any other materials.

That is, a structure made only of natural salt. Research on the construction of salt rooms has been completely confidential so far, and there is no article or writing on how to build a salt room. After much research, the problem solver was finally discovered, water is a substance that can bind salt rocks together.

The salt room is a place made of salt crystals and bricks in a bacterial environment where energy therapy and adequate lighting issues are considered. In designing salt room equipment, special generators and salt air conditioners are used to spray salt dust in the environment.


Pictures of salt rooms

Another important point is that the use of ventilation and air conditioning in salt rooms is necessary to prevent salt from settling on the surface of the room equipment.

Today, with the understanding of the properties of salt therapy, the design of the salt rooms has begun that can be built in any place, including Homes, hotels and tourist centers, Sports environments, Yoga studios, Massage salons, Health centers, Resorts, Villas, towers, Branded buildings, Other luxury commercial and residential places, offices, Airports, Kindergartens and … And it will be welcomed by employers and designers. Salt room is designed in such a way that the feeling of being inside a completely real salt cave is conveyed to a person.

Interestingly, salt rooms are not only used for adults or for treatment, but also for children. In children’s rooms there are toys and salt sands that are used not only for health but also for entertainment.


Salt rooms for children

Salt room design, all about these different structures!

If some stones such as granite and travertine are replicated in your view, you should know that they can be replaced with an attractive alternative. You may also be interested in the fact that this beautiful decoration is made of rock salt and is a seal of approval for this claim!

It is quite common to use stones such as granite, marble, travertine and some other types of building facade stones. But the use of rock salt in the facade of the building or the interior decoration of the building is a new and unexpected idea. Our dear country Iran has rich and ancient salt rock mines. These salt rocks, due to their excellent quality and various colors, can be used to build beautiful salt walls and rooms.

The design of the salt room, according to many designers, despite its complexity and elegance, is one of the most beautiful and easy things that designers can do.
The salt room can be made anywhere by providing equipment, even in very small spaces.

The design of this type of room can include salt walls, special lighting and paving with salt sand.

Pasargad Company is proud to be able to use its valuable experiences to build unique structures for dear Iran to create a memorable memory for our dear compatriots.


Designing all kinds of salt rooms is one of the unique abilities of Pasargad Company

Factors influencing the design of the salt room:

The construction of a salt room can be very diverse and different according to the employer’s taste, budget, how to use and also the purpose of having a salt space.
Some people like to have a luxurious and modern salt room, while others prefer to have a traditional salt room that can use all the space in the room.

The floor of the salt room can be covered with various coatings such as salt or other materials. The color of the stones, the type of lighting, the adjustment of the room temperature, the equipment of the room and even the type of substructure of the room before construction, all depend on the taste and order of the client.

The type of room decoration and its lightning is completely tasteful and depends on the client’s idea.


Pictures of salt rooms in different dimensions, models and decorations

The cost of building a salt cave or salt room also varies depending on the size of the project and the type and quality of materials used.

Making a salt room is a very specialized job and be sure to consult with our experts before implementation so as not to lead to rework and loss of capital.

Of course, the executive team of Pasargad Company will provide its free and specialized consultations to the clients before the implementation, by examining and expertizing the desired environment.

the salt ideas of Pasargad Co

Lighting in the design of the salt room

Lighting is one of the most important principles in designing a salt room and any other building, you need to know what lights with a hot or cold theme should be placed in the room according to your wishes and with the help of designers.


Unparalleled lighting in the salt room

Providing facilities for the salt room:

If you are planning to make a profitable commercial salt room, you should also consider rooms for customer service when designing a salt room. For example, you can implement ideas such as cafes, beds, furniture, children’s rooms, massage rooms, salt baths, etc.

Create attractive views:

Undoubtedly, one of the things that is used in salt room design today to attract customers is the type of architecture inside. Rectangular and traditional architecture is no longer common, although rectangular rooms are the most suitable form of room for therapeutic uses.

For example, salt powder can be used to decorate walls or got idea from the ceil of caves to design the ceil of the room.

Creating a room flooring with salt powder:

It may be interesting for some to know that walking on rough surfaces made of salt is the most ideal type of foot massage. Because the pressure on the sole of the foot is equal to the person’s own weight.

Because there are so many nerves in the soles of the feet, most of which are frozen and dry, because most of the blood is usually concentrated in the soles of the feet due to gravity, so walking on bumps, will soften those nerves and will bring a lot of peace.

In addition, the nature of salt is hot and dry, and it can remove cold and moisture from the depths of the foot, causing warmth and preventing thick blood from freezing in the sole of the foot. Therefore, walking on the roughness of salt particles has an extraordinary effect on purifying the blood and eliminating blood melancholy, which results in accelerating blood circulation and delivering more oxygen to tissues, especially the brain and in this way, the pleasant and relaxing state that is created in the person who is in the salt room is doubled.

Construction of a salt tourist village:

The village, which includes a salt hotel, salt restaurant, pergolaes, salt suites and cottages, salt market, salt museum, halotherapy complexes, etc. can be set up with salt landscaping and tourist attractions and health in the area. In this plan, there is an area made of salt, which includes a playground, pavilions, flooring, furniture and sculptures made of salt materials, all of which are water resistant. Also, indoor and outdoor pools and aquariums for raising Brine shrimp add to the attractiveness of this complex so that it will attract a large number of foreign and domestic tourists.

Construction of a salt restaurant

Restaurants are always designed in the most beautiful way and of course the most artistic designs to affect the appetite of customers and to be a memorable memory in the minds.

One of the newest types of restaurants is salt restaurants, one of which is in Shiraz. For beauty and to prevent uniformity, salt can be used in various forms such as salt powder, stone and compact layers, in the form of modern and traditional interior design.

One of the advantages of restaurants made with rock salt is that due to the release of some gases, the restaurant environment is naturally disinfected and health costs are reduced.


Salt restaurants in Shiraz and other parts of the world

Note that the design and construction of this decoration due to the different nature of salt rock with other stones requires high expertise, experience and skill.

Aria Gostar Pasargad Company uses experienced designers, engineers and consultants who, based on their scientific ability and many years of experience, implement beautiful designs of salt structures.

Salt therapy, part of health tourism

Salt therapy in the world has a history of several hundred years and in countries that have its natural potential, it has been taken very seriously and special investments have been made in this field. Although salt therapy in Iran is less serious than gravel therapy, sludge therapy and hydrotherapy, but doctors believe that salt therapy can be useful in treating nerve pain, weakness and fatigue, migraine, nerve headaches, digestive problems and skin diseases. But can the natural salt caves that exist in Iran meet the needs of health tourists?

There are many salt domes in southern Iran, as well as many salt mines, but Garmsar is still known as the center of salt therapy in Iran, although there is still a long way to go before the city can receive Iranian and foreign tourists.

Garmsar salt cave, which is on the way from Garmsar to Tehran and is a favorite of this part of the tourism industry, has been created due to floods and washing of rock cliffs, and its use can be dangerous for tourists.

The largest salt cave in the world is located in Iran. In addition, Iran has many salt mountains and salt mines that need investment to preserve them and attract tourists. If this investment is made, Iran can devote a large part of the health tourism market.

And the last word …

Currently, one of the problems and issues that people around the world are facing is the issue of pollution and respiratory diseases. Needless to say, asthma has become an epidemic and the number of respiratory and lung patients is increasing every day. Imagine being able to use a salt-filled pool after a hard day’s work will definitely lift your spirits.

In this case, if the salt rooms, as claimed, have an amazing effect in treating and controlling these diseases, it is unique and wonderful.

On the other hand, Iran is rich in salt rock ores. The regular and crystalline structure of salt rocks along with its quality and various colors is a practical feature in beautifying decorative spaces. therefore, it is predictable that according to this explantions and property of salt therapy, the number of salt theray clinics, salt complexes, salt yoga studioes, … will be increase rapidly in Iran.

Putting this evidence together, you will surely come to the conclusion that the construction of salt and recreational structures is very profitable not only in Iran but all over the world, and of course it is developing rapidly. Therefore, as always, the consultants of Pasargad Company offer you, dear investors, to be one of the first people who entered this business and made a lot of profit by making a decision and taking timely action in investing in this field.

If you have not used the salt room yet, be sure to try it once.

Pasargad Company is a leading company in the field of design, structural calculations, construction and execution of salt structures, relying on modern engineering knowledge and world standards.

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